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OMG!! So the book that I am currently reading is called ‘It Must’ve Been Something He wrote’ By Nikita Deshpande. it was kindly sent to me by Hachette India in exchange for a review!

This book is about a writer and a publicist’s love story and I loveeee the book already. I’m about 5 chapters into it and I can so very well relate to the protagonist and about her views about love, cheesy clichés. Before reading Elanor and park, I thought that it’ll be this really boring ‘high school romance’ that we see in most movies. And well, I am very skeptical about love, romance and all of that and that is one of the reasons why I hated the Fault in Our Stars and I don’t really connect to John Green.

But guys after reading Elanor And Park I absolutely loved it. I think I gave it 5 stars and that ending….. ahh it was something that I always thought but then I realised that I had started loving contemporaries and well, the protagonist of this book hates this full of himself author Jishnu Guha because she feels like what he writes is complete shit and he doesn not deserve to sell so many copies or so much fame for murdering the english language!

The main character Amruta works at a publishing house which publishes ‘Jishnu Guha’s ‘cheesy clichéd books and which is also where she first meets him. Sadly Amruta has to work with this guy for his upcoming events and is stuck managing the marketingof his upcoming book. Though what Amruta really want to do is study Literature and get  degree in it and finally start writing her own stuff, but she needs to earn a lot for her fee. Above all of this her boss is this really arrogant guy, who’s always finding faults in her and is making her life a living hell. Not only this, but her parents are getting divorced and Amruta is in this place where all she wants to do is write her heart out!

I’m connecting sooo well to this book. I loveee it, I will be done with it in probably a few days and will post the review soon. Guys go check out this book I’m sure you’ll all love it.



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