Weekly Update 

Hey guys! I know that o promised to post everyday but then….school and classes ugh! Anyways here’s a post on what I’m currently reading, listening to and other stuff! I hope you enjoy this.

Music 🎧

So I love listening to music and in these past weeks there’s been amazing new songs coming out and I completely love it! Here’s the list :

1. Cold water by Major Lazer ft Justin Beiber

2. Closer by Chainsmokers

3. Cheap Thrills by Sia

4. We don’t talk anymore by Charlie Puth ft Selena Gomez

5. Work by Rhianna 

Books 🎧

As I’ve mentioned on my bookstagram account I’ve been receiving So many ARCs I’m sooo happy and now I have this whole pile of books to read. 

1. What lies between us – yay just finished it sent to me by PAN Macmilllan 

2. It must’ve been something he wrote- CR sent to me by Hachette

3. If you could see me now- sent to me by Harper Collins 

4. A torch against the Night- sent to me by Harper Collins 

I love all of these publishers they are so kind to send me these copies to review I can’t wait to read and review all of these! 

Studies 😣

Not going well at the moment but I hope to finish quite a lot of studying thus weekend and also reading 😛😁

Hope you liked reading this, if not please tell me I’ll stop writing stuff like this 😛


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