Contemporary or Fantasy?

A very interesting topic, according to me! I mean I now love both of these genres soo much it’s extremely difficult to choose. But I think it’s time to gather the pros and cons and see which one wins? I think it’ll be fun! Tell me what you think in the comments below guys! Which one do you guys prefer?!


So like come temporary is really sweet and nice and really lovely you know?! It makes us look at life white a completely new view, you know? And love stories, the sensible ones they make you feel happy and light and I really like that feeling. It’s like you start loving that book, the lead couple mad you start feeling like you are the book. The love, the smiles the fells ahh it’s amazing to feel all of it.

But then, there are so,e extremely cheesy love stories and stuff and I don’t like it so much. Like how the hell does love at first sight even work??! Some contemporaries don’t really make sense. Also the there are those that are extremely sad with people dying and what not?! To be honest I hate The Fault in our stars, I didn’t really get the hype you know?! And there is my problem with contemporaries.


Was definitely my favourite genre up until I read Elanor and Park! I love fantasy. To be able to imagine, live in a completely different world with creatures you haven’t heard about and mythical and mystical beings and it’s so amazing to be able to read that. I actually wish I was at hogwarts or even CHB, you know?! Like I’m jealous of these worlds. I wish I was there In Those magical wonderful worlds.

But there are those few books which I’ve hated. And which was been fantasy based books. Like all of them go totally off of topic. They go so deep into fantasy the whole story, plot is lost and the story is completely haywire! 

So guys that was my hypothesis. But I still couldn’t choose between  them ๐Ÿ˜… guess I love them both too much to be able to choose! 


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