Top 5 favourite authors

1. Cassandra Clare- for obvious reasons, duh! I love her writing style. The entire shadowhunter world that she created and that So many of us love! All her three amazing series.

2. Rick Riordan- he was the first ever author I’ve ever read books of so well, the pjo and hoo series are the closest to my heart! I love all his characters and I love both the series!

3. Rainbow Rowell- I’ve read 2 of her books mad I loved both of them, she’s an examplary writer!

4. Cecelia Ahern- I’ve read Flawed and it was and amazing dystopian fiction novel, I can’t wait for the sequel. I started loving her after this book itself I’m gonna read all of her books.

5. Zoella- first if all she’s an amazing person, and I love her two novels Girl Online and Gorl Online On Tour. Did you guys here?! The third book is coming out this year.

7 thoughts on “Top 5 favourite authors

  1. Omg I love them all! I haven’t read many of the Percy Jackson books, etc… but it’s interesting so far! I totally agree with your opinion on the Cassandra Clare books — she’s a genius!!!!

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