Interview with Nikita Deshpande

Hi guys I had the pleasure if interviewing the amazing and talented author of the book ‘It must’ve been something he Wrote’ and it was so fun, I hope you guys like it! Also go check out her amazingggg book you guys, she’s a debut author and if you read her books you will feel that she’s had years of experience!

1. Hello, Ms. Nikita Deshpande. Would you like to introduce yourself to the audience and tell them about your background a little? 

Hello. I’m Nikita Deshpande. I believe in chasing whatever gives me joy and so my “CV” is all over the place. I started writing copy at 17. I studied English Lit at St. Xavier’s College, followed by filmmaking on scholarship at FX School in Bombay and then went on to assist directors like Mrighdeep Singh Lamba (Fukrey) and Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra (Mirzya). 
Last year, with a small team and a shoestring budget, I wrote and directed this little 30-seconder film called “Served” that won Pepsi’s Crash the IPL contest. I last wrote the screenplay for an animated kids series that should appear on Disney channel soon. I currently head the Content Team at a Bollywood platform called Flickbay. And my novel It Must’ve Been Something He Wrote came out barely a month ago.

So it’s basically very hard for me to answer the question “What do you do” at a party 😛

2. Amruta is a really strong character and well, I love her, what inspired you to create such a character? 

I’m so glad you love Amruta! She walked into my head, really. She is a mix of so many people I know. And I’d be lying if I said there aren’t huge bits of me in there. 

I kept thinking what it would be like if this rigid, stubborn book snob met a writer of trashy mass market romances. What would happen if I threw them into situations together? Could they be friends? Could they be more. That’s where Amruta basically came from. And I wanted her to have lots of vulnerabilities. I wanted her to come from a place where work troubles, family troubles, boy troubles – everything is overwhelming her and books are her go-to, her friends, her respite. And that’s why she’s so defensive of good books. And that’s why she takes it so personally when someone like Jish squanders his reach and power as a writer.  

3. What future plans do you have for your books, Do you plan to write a sequel or another standalone? 

I think I’m just excited that it’s going to be books (plural) at this point. That possibility is making me so happy right now. I’m making my notes for the next one, which is definitely a standalone, and not a sequel to this one. 

4. What really drove or inspired you to write your novel and how does it feel to have successfully completed writing your very first book? 

Honestly? I was just bloody jealous of everyone who had been published and started to write out of a huge sense of competition, really. I think between researching the publishing industry and its writers and taking three years to work on this novel, I have really come to respect anyone who manages to write a full piece of work. 

It feels good to have completed this book. But I’m dying to start work on the next. 

5. To all those aspiring authors out there, what is the advice that you’d like to give them?

Please read everyday. Please write everyday. Even if in a journal. Set small, realistic targets and make sure to meet them. Do get feedback for your work from someone you trust whenever you’re ready. And don’t be in a hurry to publish/put the work out. 

Actually, all the best writing advice I’ve received is from three books – On Writing (Stephen King), Steal Like an Artist (Austin Kleon), and Big Magic (Elizabeth Gilbert). So if you’re looking for advice, these are quite amazing. 
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