Comic Con! 

Hey guys it’s been a long time. My exams are not over yet but am almost done with them. Also I went for comic in yayyyyyy!!! It was the BEST weekend I’ve ever had yiu guys. It was just amazing so here I am trying to write my entire experience with pictures. REMINDER a while ago I ranted about how I haven’t attended any literary event, well comic con wasn’t exactly like that but something like that he’s. And I’m soooooo happy I went. If comic con is held in your city okewse go guys it’s really good nad well you need to experience comic con at least once in your life. So please do go for comic con. Now I’m waiting for Book Con to con to come to India.

Ahh I wished I’d know and had cosplayed you know. I really want to cosplay next year. I hope I can. It was lovely to see al those cosplayers and the nets part, I was walking through the crowd and suddenly,y there’s this guys who looks exactly like Leonard from TBBT and I freak out and wait for it, behind him there are three other guys cosplaying Sheldon, Rajesh and Howard omg you guys it was the best I wished I’d take. A picture with them. There WA thus cool Spider-Man and ant man and I did click their picture. There was Harry too and I was on happy to see that he had a cloak, a wmd and was completely identical to Harry Potter it was the the best. There was this shadowhunter girl too, with runes painted over her and all, pretty cool huh?! 

I also bought a little merchandise. I’l put the pictures below. I bought a “May the odds Be ever in your favour” tshirt. Yayyy I also got a tshirt though I only bought it cause I had 25% off on it I got lucky and rolled the dice that’s why! And I got this cool Harry Potter themed 9 3/4 tshirt and I also got this cute deathly hallows pendant! Hope you like this merchandise guys.

So over all comic con was amaizngggg I loved it. All of it was just perfect I’m so happy I went . Here are some of the pictures. There were these very pretty stalls too. And there was one stall for harpercollins india.


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