Bookstagram Recap 

So guys if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I changed my them I changed it twice 😂 I just couldn’t click proper pictures, you know?! Though now I am finally happy with my current theme. Here are pictures from my new theme.

Also I entered a bunch if rep searches and didn’t get chosen for any of them, ahh I think I’ll just not enter from next time. They say  that they won’t take no plumber if followers into consideration though that is exactly what they do. And most The of the companies I’ve noticed have selected reps from their country! This is so unfair anyways….

Also, I partnered up with Pan Macmillan india to giveaway 2 copies of illuminae. It was my first ever giveaway and it WA swinderfuo guys, though it was only for Indian residents. Next time my giveaway will be International I hope. 

What do you guys think of my new theme?! I feel like it’s much better than the old one. If you like this theme please follow me on Instagram, my username is @fangirlalert07_ 

I also just hit 800 followers on my Instagram. I am soooo happy guys. Thank you for following my bookstagram account and taking out the time to like, comment on my picture. You guys are the bestttttt. 


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