5 Hyped books I haven’t read…:.

Okay so as you know, not all of us have read all those famous and hyped books that we always see on Instagram or Goodreads, probably cause it’s too expensive to buy or you have a long long TBR list well, in my case it’s both. Though each time I look at that book ahh I fell like I need to read it right now. So here are some of the most hyped books that I havent read yet! 

1. A court of Thorns and Roses series 

After more than 3 months after the sequel released people were still getting over this book. And all over my fees all I saw was this beautiful book and now I really really want to read it.

2. Since You’ve Been Gone 

Yes I still haven’t read this gem ahh it’s way too expensive where I live and I really really want to read this book so bad there have been  so many praises for this book.

3. The problem with Forever

Recent,y I’ve been seeing this book everywhere on my feed and just Lok at the cover guys, ahh it’s soo pretty I hope to read it soon.

4. Throne of glass series 

This one is super hyped and all those positive reviews make me really want to read it. 

5. Holding Up the Universe

I think we all know that everyone’s very very excited for this book and I just hope I’m able to get a reviewer’s copy of this!  

Please let me know in the comments which are some of the hyped books you haven’t read and tell me if my list kinda matches yours or not. 


13 thoughts on “ 5 Hyped books I haven’t read…:.

      1. Right now I have the money to buy them, so I think I will! My friend had Holding Up The Universe and says that I can borrow it — If I read it before you get a chance to, I’ll tell you what I think!

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