Review : A Torch Against The Night





This book without a doubt was one of the best books I’ve read in 2016. The story was the so accurateky written and the plot was just perfect! I loved this book and I so thankful to harpercollins india for a review copy of this wonderful book I cherished reading this.

This book had all the things needed to make a good book. It was fantastic characters and the story was well as I’ve already said flawlessly written and that suspense which kept me hooked to the book and I finished it in 2 days flat. This book honestly deserves all the hype it receives. I’m so glad I had an opportunity to read such an exemplary book. The author Saba Tahir has done such a wonderful job writing this book and making all her readers. Feel and love nad care for the characters. I stayed up late until 1am reading and this book was totally worth it. After reading AEITA I was so so perplexed my that ending I went straight to read this beauty and I was not at all disappointed the series only got better after the first book. And I absolutely cannot wait even a month more to read the next books.

I just have to talk about how amazing the storyline was, definitely THE BEST plot and storyline EVER. Also so so accurately imagined and written world of the empire and the Martials it was so real youngyys. I cried with the characters, laughed with them in their happiness and all day though about them. I believed in all of the wise quotes, it was magical. The book gave me hope with only just this one quote “If There Is Life, there is HOPE”each and every quote was so amazing that I just couldn’t believe how hard the author must have worked to write this beautiful piece of art and how many days of thinking it would have taken. This book was just…. I’m speechless guys, but you all need to read this book because it has such powers to help transform you and make you believe I things much greater than you. 

I just couldn’t stop reading and that’s how I endured up with bags under my eye 😂 I just knew that I had to finish the book I matter what. The whorl world was fitprgotten while I read all night and the when the end came tears rolled down my cheeks, I still don’t know why was is cause of sadness, I don’t know the ending was not that sad. Maybe happiness? I still don’t know but there was just this emptiness in me with heart beating with a kind of empitiness and a little sadness. It was warm and I went to bed a little happy, a little sad and a little empty but contended and satisfied.

I really hope that this review of mine makes all of you go read this book right now guys, it’s sooo worth it I hope you guys like it as much as I did! 


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