Book tag: Do it yourself 

So guys I just created my own tag white just random questions, if you want it do it too cool. If not, I don’t blame you, lol! Do you see the name if the tag,? Do it yourself that means you an answer any 5 questions you want. Yes I created this just to make life easier. If you try this be sure to let me know I’d love to read your question and answers!! 

1. Favourite trilogy?
TE INFERAL DEVICES, duh! This trilogy was just the best. It was amazing and till now it’s still my fav,. If you guys haven’t read this I really don’t know what you are doing with your life, go read this trilogy ASAP!! 

2. Favourite fictional boyfriend? 

Well, I can’t choose though here are some of my babes lol 😂Percy Jackson, Will Herondale, Alec, Leo, Jem, Elias, Noah. These are just some if them I have like a thousand more. 

3. First book/novel/series?

Percy Iackson, ahh this series is very very close to my Heart! 

4. Least favourite book?

Well not entirely though Allegiant was kind a a let down you know?! 

5. Best storyline? 

Well ofcourse An ember In The Ashes and also TID! 

Yes that’s only 5 questions cause I’m lazy and sleepy, okay hope you guys still enjoy this . I am trying my best to post everyday and I’m really trying so I hope you guys appreciate that!! 

Hope to see your thoughts in the comments! You know I love to read comments from you’ll. it makes me fell like at least someone cares enough to comment in my posts you know?! So thank you so much for that ❤️


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