What I need Money for…..

So guys, this is one of my biggest problems. I am a student, so I don’t earn and thus have no money to spend. I think many of you guys can relate to this. And that’s why today I’m doing a blog post about what I need money for!


Yes, if I had money most of it would be spent on books because, duh!!!! I need soo many books, yet I don’t have the money to buy them! Though I’m hoping that through ARCs I never have to buy books again. Though we all know that’s not possible because there are a few books that we absolutely need to buy, you know?!


So this isn’t a typical bookworm need, but being a girl I really want and need clothes like ALL THE TIME! I hope you guys can relate to this. Every time I look into my wardrobe I’m like what I have literally no clothes.

c. DSLR:

okay so recently I’ve been seriously thinking about buying a dslr. Noy just to make my bookstagram pictures look better but also cause I think I’m really into photography and well we all know how expensive  a dslr is. IT’s 50k rupees!!!!!! Yeah, I know crazy right! BUt you guys, it’s sooo worth it!!!


I’ve been running out of space tostore my books, thanks to all those ARCs!!! And now I am in the need for a bookshelf!!!

Yes, right now my list is limited to all these items. And I’m sure many of you guys can relate to this too!!!!

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