So many books to read, such less time

So this is a very common problem faced by all bookworms. Truly, there Rae more than a million books in the world that we all want to read, but where’s the time?? Right now I have my vacations going on, that means more time even to read. But I do have exams coming up right after the holidays and I also gave to study, you see?! No time at all. Plus I have to m age my blog and Instagram and Goodreads and post review there too!! And I’m already 2 books behind my schedule on Goodreads. Ahh I really really have to catch up! So here’s a look at all the book I HAVE TO REDA AND REVIEW before the month end(actually way before that too)

1. If You could see me now(hope to finish this by tomorrow)

2. Illuminae(yes I still haven’t touched this nad have you sen the thickness) 

3. Cruel Heart Broken (need to finish thanks to the publisher for the review copy)

3. Now You See Me (by Emma haughton, I have to and want to read this soon)

4. Better left behind 

5. The Boyfriend List (exciting contemporary, can’t wait)

6. Our Chemicak Hearts (new release seems amazing)

So 6 whole, books!!!!!! Yeah, that’s my tbr alright for this month! I just hope I have enough time. Ok, byee I gotta go study and read. 


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