Exciting Mail! 

Hey guys yesterday I had very exciting mail, yes that means it was BOOKMAIL!! Yayyyy! I for the first time received books from Bloomsbury India and OMG! I’m really happy right now. So here, I want to show you the books that came. 

*Hint: they’re on my November Tbr!* 

Okkkkayyyy so I can’t wait any longer!! I received……..*drumroll* 

‘Our Chemical Hearts’ Yesss that’s right and I wanted it read this book ever since I knew it was being written. And that cover omg!! I’m honestly sooooooooooo happy and nervous and anxious all at THE SAME TIME!! 

That’s not all, I received one more book!!  Yesssssssssssss…….a contemporary and that title ahh! I can’t wait to read it! 

‘The Boyfriend List’ yayyyyy. (Haven’t clocked a picture if this one yet, will do soon! Follow me on Instagram @fangirlalert07_)

Ok bye I’ll stop ranting about now. Also I started Illuminae and it soo soo sooo good, I already  am in love with Ezra isn’t he the best?! All that sass and all….

(The video I uploaded just after the package arrived! On my insta Story)

Guys please let me know if you think this BOOKMAIL post was unnecessary cause I don’t what to post stuff that none will read or enjoy, you know?! If you like it, please please please comment and let me know and do the same if you didn’t like it! Because I’m  really looking for advice. And it’d mean a lot if you could give me honest feedback! 



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