Recent Update! 

So guys, it’s been a while since I did any kind of update so here it is, not just books but everything else going on too! 

Currently reading 

Illuminae, it’s soo soo soo good, I’m in love with the book and also Ezra, he’s soo perfect!! Please do read this book guys, it’s worth it!!! 


So right kiwi I’m really into The Chainsmokers, they’re music is absolutely amazing !! Pleas do check it’s their songs if you ever have the time. Also I’m listening a lot of Charlie Puth and my bae, Shawn Mendes 😂


Ok, so my autumn theme is still on, but I really want to try something different you know, the weathers changed, everyone else has also changed their themes, I’m looking for something new soon…… follow me if you aren’t @fangirlalert07_


So it’s my vacation, and I really want to go shopping like sooo badly, I swear I have nothing to wear!!! 

That’s it!! Illuminae review coming up as soon as I finish reading it! 

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