Books that made me Cry

Hey guys! So I’ve done this post a while ago, but now there are so many different books aaded to my lost athat I just had to do it again.

1. Clockwork Princess

The end, omg! I just couldn’t stop crying. 

2. The City Of heavenly Fire

Because the series was over ahhhh……

3. The blood If Olympus 

I just couldn’t part with all those amazing characters! 

 4. Allegiant 

Did that have to happen, I cried for a really long time after this.

5. Elanor and Park

I’m sure we all cried during this one! And those three words, ahh I still think about that everyday! 

6. If you Could See Me now 

Ending……….I loved this one! 

7. Illuminae 

Yes in a few parts I did cry, but the ending omg! Was so shocked! 

So these are the books that made me cry! Please tell me in the comments why here the bkkks that made you cry! Are any of these part of them?! 


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