What gets bookworms excited 

Ok so I know that not all of you will agree, but some people, bookworms di get very excited by these things!! And I’m one of the, so here are the things that get me exited as a bookworm/blogger/bookstagrammer! 


Yayy!!! Ofcourse because books>world!! Haha a new book makes me sooo happy especially of you order it from Amazon and it arrives a day later ahhh that’s honestly THE BEST THING!!! 


So as a reviewer I receive books many a times in order to review them and sometime some really nice and sweet publishers send me surprise books, that means that I have no idea the book is coming and then bam!!! The watchman calls and says there’s a courier ahh that is such a great feeling.


AHH I love merchandise book merchandise, movie merchandise, any merchandise period!!! That package when it comes ahhh that’s sooo nice. Anyways I received a little merch last week from a company you can check out the details, two posts earlier!!! I love merchhhh. Here are the pictures 

So these are some of the things that excite me  as a bookworm, I think I’ll do a part two to this ine’ but have no time right now, sorry for not posting at all these few days!!! Will get back soonnnn.

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