Harry Potter Merchandise 

So after the last few posts I’m sure you can tell that I’m obsessed with book merchandise and now I’m lucky enough to be repping a company that makes HANDCRAFTED bookmarks, mini books, magnetic book charms!!! And I got my first rep package I’m soo happy!! I loved the products soo sooo sooo much they’re amazing and best of all they were Harry Potter merchandise. The intricacy of the bookmarks is amazing and the fact that they are ALL HANDCRAFTED is unbelievable!!! Anyways if you’re based in india and don’t have many opportunities to buy book merchandise DO NOT FORGET TO CHECK OUT THIS BEAUTIFUL SHOP. 

You can contact them on Instagram itself by DM if you want to buy their products. Be sure to check them out, I give full guaranty that their products are WORTH IT! Just cause I’m a rep it doesn’t mean that I’m JUST lying about how good they are, this is my most honest opinion! You can also get customised bookmarks for yourself!!! 

Here are some pictures of the pretty products I received 

Here’s what’s included

❤️ All seven Harry Potter mini books plus one extra cursed child minibook! 

❤️ Two customised hunger games  magnetic book charms just for me 

❤️ All four Harry Potter house magnetic bookmarks (I’m a hufflepuff wbu?)

❤️ A hogwarts magnetic bookmark 


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