Review: Now You See Me 

NAME: Now you See Me 

GENRE: Thriller, mystery 

AUTHOR: Emma Haughton 


Hey guys I’m back. Finally! My school just closed and now I have vacations for 10 days. I’m back to blogging non stop and a bit of ranting! 

I finished reading book at 2 am yes, I was hooked onto it. It was lovely and I was so close to finding out what happens I just couldn’t put this book down. It was intriguing and interesting and the story was exceptionally good. This book isn’t very much hyped on Instagram or any other social media sites but this book is lovely and a must read for all mystery and thriller fans! I reccomend this book to everyone.

I admit the start was a little slow but after a few chapters the pace took off to a great mystery. I read and read and in the end there came the twist which left me with an open mouth for a whole minute. It was HUGE AND MIND BLOWING. Wha happened after left me shocked. But that ending, the sweet sweet ending ahh 

This book left me satisfied, something that most books don’t do. This is the kind if book that leaves you sighing a sigh of relief and contentment, it was love,y. Do goread this book ASAP IF YOU HAVENT ALREADY.

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