Review: The Boy Is Back

NAME: The Boy Is Back

AUTHOR: Meg Cabot

GENRE: Contemporary, fiction, ya, coming of age, romance 


So, I finished this book a few days ago, but had no time to write the review. So please forgive me for that. Anyways a huge thanks to the amazing Harper Collins india for a review copy of this lovely book. 

I adored this book so much, I think I’ll reread it too, after a few days maybe once I’m done with my huge tbr pile. It was a very heartfelt easy read about love, relationships and family. I honestly did not expect to like this book so much, but I did and I’m glad about it. If you’re in a slump or just not feeling very good and need a break this book is perfect. It’s an extremely easy yet very interesting and fast paced read, which most people enjoy.

One of the most famous authors, Meg Cabot has done an examplary job with writing this book and it’s been printed in such a cute way, I loved it! A mix of emails and messages and product reviews, it’s been written very well, and definitely catches your eye. This book was a lovely end to my 2016 and I went to bed feeling happy and pick up this book if you’re in a mood for a cute contemporary or a family book! 

I reccomend this book to everyone, because I feel like almost everyone will enjoy reading this book. People of all ages should read this and feel happy, I think I’ll make my mum read it too๐Ÿ˜‰  Meg Cabot is known for her cute books about love and relationships and this one definitely qualifies and is one amazing addition to her lovely books!

PS. new posts come ASAP 

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