Current read and updates 

Hey guys, it’s again been a long time and I really apologise for that! I’ll be spamming everyone I follow with likes and comments, I have a lot to catch up to! 

So currently I’m reading my first ever Jeffery archer book “Only Time Will Tell” the first installation of the Clifton chronicles and I’m in love with it so far! It’s absolutely amazing! I cant wait to finish it.

Its a bit different from the normal YA fiction that i read but I really like it! A huge thanks to panmacmillan India for a review copy of the book.

You guys should definitely check it out. 

Here are some of the other things going on:

I changed my instagarm theme like 2 or 3  yes I’m very indecisive so please support me and like my pictures my username on Instagram is @fangirlalert07_ 

I Also was chosen as a rep for the bookings crate box, an indian subscription box that’s just INR 699 how cool is that, it’s one of tge cheapest book subscription boxes in India! Do check out my unboxing pics on my Instagram!

Yes so that covers my bookish life in other news my exams started ugh! 

Here are some of my fav songs/ movies/ etc:

Starboy(the weekend), 24k magic(bruno mars), Heathens(by 21 pilots) setting fires (not sure if the name but it’s by the chainsmokers) 

I just watched “the swap” a disney channel original movie and I love it! I also started Gossip girl so yay! And yes PLL season 7! 

I’m also completely in love with chokers right now! And baby lips too! And my favourite perfume is Jovan Black musk it smells amazing!

That’s it guys! Tell me how is your jan, in the comments I’d love to know!


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