Review: Caramel Hearts 

Name: Caramel hearts 

Author: E.R Murray 

Genre: YA, contemporary 

Ratings: 4.5/5 

A book about Love, relationships, and a passion for cooking. All of my favourite things in one book, ahh it was lovely. A huge thanks to the amazing and talented author and the publishers for a review copy of this book.

I loved the idea, characters and the storyline so very much. I could relate to this book on a huge scale. I love baking, its by far my favourite thing to do! And not just that but the bond of two sisters depicted in this book was extremely relatable and very very accurate! 

It was a Nice, light and fast paced read, so if you’re in a slump and want to get over it, caramel hearts is your book! I reccomend this book to all YA and contemporary lovers who are in the mood for a pleasing read.

According to me, this book qualifies as a happy book, after finishing this book, I felt contended and satisfied! I liked it so much more  than I expected to. It was indeed a very unique and interesting book! 

I wish that more  such baking, cooking related YA books come up, if definitely love to read them! You guys should  definitely check out this amazing book, you can read my review on my Instagram too! 

This book truly was a wonderful beginning to my February. Hope to read more  such books.

Check out the awesome publishers from  England “Alma books”, they publish extremely good books and give you a lifetlifetime experience. 

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