Well, of you follow me on Instagram you’d know This, but if you dont I’m obsessed with Sherlock. 

I’d heard a lot about it before and well all of a sudden my sister got me the first 2 seasons of it and Wow! I was hooked, i swear I completed watching all 4 seasons in just 2 days, that’s a record difficult to break.

To be honest I fell in love with Sherlock and when i watched season 2 and the “SHERLOCKED” part finally came, omg, I literally gasped and cried, Wow!

Sherlock is without a doubt the BEST thriller/crime/detective show everrrrrr. I’m so glad I finally decided to watch it and I was only impressed ❤ if you guys haven’t watched Sherlock yet, your life is meaningless  (I’m just kidding) but really, this show is worth it and i hope that everyone on this planet watches it.

I was so obsessed with it, I also  went on to sticking sherlock posters on my wall and yes I also got a fandom SHERLOCKED Tshirt; yayyyyyyyy 

“I’m not a psychopath, I’m a high functioning sociopath.”

“The game is on”


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