Review: The List

NAME: The List

AUTHOR: Siobhan Vivian 

GENRE: contemporary, coming of age, YA 

RATINGS: 4.5/5

A truly lovely book about high school, love and the importance of not having labels.

This book has a much deeper meaning than we expect when we read it! It gives us a very important message of not categorizing people into groups or labelling them.

The effret that it has on an individual is huge and we should always be careful of that! 

This book was a very quick read and I thoroughly enjoyed it! It had the right amount of everything- Thrill, humour, Drama and Love.

A very well written and extremely realtable to the youth, this book surpassed my expectations! 

I hope many more people read this book and realise that  body shamming is the qorst thing ever.

You can’t keep judging people by their looks and labeling them and humiliating them publicly in front of the entie school, thats low!

The story was fascinating and kept switching between all the different girls on the list and i loved that. Siobhan Vivian gave us an insight into all the girls’s life and how the list affected them.

I liked all the character, all of them were very different from each other and seeing them completely transform during the end, wow! I really enjoyed that part the most.

The ending was a bit incomplete but well, that gives an oppurtunity to a sequel and i really do hope that happens! 

A fast paced book that i loved and would reccomend it to everyone. We all must read this book! So if you haven’t already added this  book to your  huge  TBR pile (i can relate) do it now!


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