Guest post: A way back into love by Veronica Thatcher 

Hey guys! I had the honour to interview the author of this amazing book: A way Back into Love.

She’s extremely talented and has written a very good book.

1. What inspired you to write ‘A way back into love’?

Ans – A TV show did. Not the entire show, but only a minor plotline.


2. What have been some of the constant troubles or problems you’ve faced while writing your book, and how did you get past them?

Ans – I often came this close to giving up and leaving it an unfinished manuscript. I have always had issues with regularity and I often went on month-long breaks from writing. I tend to give up too easily. It’s one of my biggest flaws. But, my readers and reviewers and their constant motivation pushed me to get past that and finish the book.


3. How does it feel, to have finallly written your book and seeing people buy and read it?

Ans – It feels surreal. I never even dreamt of being a published author, so it definitely feels like something out of a dream. I cannot express my happiness in words.


4. What is your favourite thing about writing?

Ans – That I can create a whole new world, where I make the rules and I tell a story that has never been told before. I can create characters, and I can tell their story. The power lies in my hands only.


5. What is your advice to the future generation who want to be successful writers?

Ans – Be patient and never give up. There will be times when it will feel so difficult that you’ll just want to give up, but don’t because it will be worth it in the end. And write what you want to write, not what you think readers want to read. And lastly, put your heart and soul into writing. Write with a lot of passion and love. As I say, “Do it with passion, or not at all.”


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