Book-O-Box (book sub box)

Hey guys a few days ago i received thr amazing book a box which is an indian book subscription box and omg! I loved it guys.

And the best part……there was soooo much of beautiful merch for just rupees 750. It was awesome! 

Here is my review and unboxing of Book-o-box

Items included:

1. A fabulous “professional bookworm” tote 

Just  as i saw it i squealed!!! I have this major obsession with totes and hence i was soooo pleased and the quality too was amazing.

2. Green tea

I loved the tea it was duper refreshing and relaxing!

3. A pretty diary

Loved loved loved the design on the diary it s really eye catching.
4. Beautiful  quote card 

This was too good abd was designed by Paulami and artist who is really really talented.

5. A bookmark

This was a welcome bookmark and was really a sweet gesture plus the paper quality was really good.

6. A book Torch

This is by far the most unique thing I’ve ever seen. This torch can be fixed onto a page of your book and yoi can read at night! It is so cool, loved it.

7. A mini poster

A veryyy pretty poster with a beautiful quote!

8. The book “A Little Life”

This book seems really really good and very unique! I’ve never seen a book like this is my whole life, plus it has been shortlisted for  the “Man Booker” award! Can’t wait to read this one.

Overall this box was too good and I totally loved it.

Go order your box right away! Follow book o box right away!

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