Review: As I descended 

NAME: As I descended 

AUTHOR: Robin Talley

GENRE: Fantasy, horror, fiction, YA


“Something wicked this way comes”

Never expected to be so amazed and surprised by this book. It was absolutely magnificent and so unexpectedly unique.

When I just started reading this I thought it was a Classic contemporary. But after a few pages it became a mix of horror and fantasy and fiction. On the whole it was a really exciting and nail biting read. Beautifully put into words this is a retelling of macbeth in one of the most extraordinary and beautiful ways. I sure did enjoy this book and was honestly surprised because I normally never enjoy horror but this was truly thrilling and there were so many moments where I was just so startled. There were cliff hangers and such unexpected turns in the book, it blew my mind.

Halfway through the book, I was totally engrossed and a part of the book itself. I couldn’t put the book down! It was truly one of those few different books that you don’t see nowadays because of all the old cliches and classics! 

So if your ever looking for something new and thrilling do read this book, it’s a pretty easy and quick read once you read a few pages! 


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