Review: This is Where the world Ends 

NAME: This is Where the world Ends 

GENRE: YA, fiction, coming of age

AUTHOR: Amy Zhang 


“Miracles do not belong to fairy tales. Miracles belong to the desperate, because only the desperate believe in bullshit.”

This book was beautiful in every single aspect, it touched my soul and I loved  it. It was devastatingly wonderful and just….so good.

The writing was amazing, the author has done such an amazing job writing this book. I knew from the very start that this book was going to break me, but I liked it. It was unique and intriguing and just so well written, I just couldn’t put it down. EVERY word, every sentence seemed flawless and the story was so different.

Halfwau through the book I had come to love the protagonist, she was so cool and brave. A story that all must read, a book that tells us so much about society, peer pressure and self harm. A perfect blend of sadness and happiness, thid book left me for wanting more and more. 

That ending, ahh it hurt me really bad! Even though in the end I weeped like a baby, I loved the book. Because stuff happens no matter what, you can’t change it you can just try to forget and move on, because “forgetting  was so much easier tahn remembering”

The main characters had my heart, they were perfect they deserved to cherish each other, they deserved better! 

You guys need to read this book, it’s too good, a huge thanks to harper collins india for a review copy of this book.


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