My Giant TBR 

Hey guys! So well, a huge tbr is something we all suffer from. We as book lovers always, always have an unlimited number of books to read. And the quote “So many books, such less time” is created for us, guys. Tell me if you agree?!

So right now, my holidays are going on and its for about 20 days, so I decided to read 10 books in these 20 days, yes I don’t think it is possible but I’m doing everything I can to complete this. I’ve already read 2 books but Oh, well lets see if I can complete the rest 8?! It’s going to be a real challenge. 

So here’s a few books of my never ending tbr:

1. Windfall (also, currently reading though its off to a slow start)

2. The secret history of us

3. How To Disappear 

4. You don’t know me but I know you

5. The Dazzling heights

6. Ramona Blue

7. Three Dark Crowns 

8. Nothing 

9. Lord of Shadows

10. Not if I see you first

11. Geek Girl

12. Nevernight 

Omg can’t believe there are so  many and I’m not even half done. Wow. Well, tell me if you relate to this.

Review: It only Happens in the Movies 

Okay guys, I cannot even begin to describe how good this book was. It was unique, and honestly, completely changed my thoughts about “happily-ever after romance movies”. 

I don’t know why I didn’t read this earlier. A beautiful book about a girl who despises love and romance films that show us that love lasts forever. “Audrey” the protagonist used to believe in the happily ever after fairy tale endings that movies always portrayed. She herself was named “Audrey” because her so in-love parents named her afrer Audrey Hepburn the famous romance movie actress. I loved Audrey not because she was cynical and despised love. But because she was right. She saw through the layers and as pessimistic as she may have been, well she was right.

But then comes “Harry”, the basic bad-boy who flirts with every girl he sees. Audrey has learnt better than  to give her heart to some bad-boy and is determined to stay away from Harry and all the drama. But slowly Harry’s layers come off and she sees him for who he truly is and she can’t help but fall for him. A tale of two people. One who was stormed off of love and a clichéd bad-boy. 

The book was absolutely amazing. It was just so good. Holly Bourne is one of my new favourite authors. She is so talented. I would’ve never even expected such a book to be ever written. But abutting I say will not do real justice to exactly how beautiful, different and captivating this book was. It was a whole new opinion that we as readers don’t normally come across. A lovely story, one that brought me to tears. It made me laugh and cry and made me fall in love with the characters. And you know What? IT REALLY ONLY DOES HAPPEN IN THE MOVIES. 

If you hate romance movies, this one’s for you and even if you love romance movies, it still is  for you. Read this masterpiece guys, I promise you that you will love it.

Review: It’s About Love 

NAME: Its about love

AUTHOR: Steven Camden

GENRE: Contemporary, YA fiction 


Amazing. A little cheesy if you’re not into contemporary, but amazing. It was so perfect, the way the plot was built and the story it was a magical combination of beautiful words and a strong plot. 

Different from the cliché romance novels. A book about two people who love movies more than anything. 

“He’s Luke. She’s Leia. Just like in Star Wars. Just like they’re made for each other.”

Steven Camden has written this entire book so well, that every line to me sounded like the best quote ever. Am definitely not exaggerating but not everyone would share the same opinion as me. 

A book about love, when I received this I did not expect anything more than a normal college romance. But it was so much more in every way. I partially enjoyed it so much, because of the fact that it revolved around the love for movies and well, I absolutely love movies. The story was uniquely written as a script and I loved that. This is the second book I’ve read of Steven Camden and I completely am in awe of his writing. 

Two people bonded over their common interest of films. Friendship turned to love. But that wasn’t the only thing in the book. It spoke about family, beginings, revenge and love. The bond of brothers. The difference between right and wrong. About exploring, understanding and a fresh start. 

Character development was good. Plot and story was excellent. Writing was the best. I ended up liking  this book lot more than I had expected. And I feel like I enjoyed this a little extra because i had only been reading very straight and non-contemporary books, that this one turned it around for me. I do enjoy non-YA books but sometimes I just gotta have that little change.   

Not  saying that this book was perfect, because nothing ever is. The starting was a bit difficult for me to grasp because of the different way of writing, but soon I got the hang of it and enjoyed it. The start was a bit monotonous too, but the plot soon had unexpected twists that kept me hooked.

On the whole a beautiful book and I would personally reccomend this to everyone. If  you think after reading the title that its some boring love story, well no its not. Its lovely. A huge thanks to the publishers for a review copy.

Top chick flick and contemporary reccomendations

It might sound horribly clichéd but yes, it’s true. I love everything contemporary from chick flicks, to romcoms to books about love. 

I just enjoy them so much. I don’t even know why. Everything in the movies and the books, if only it was real. Which brings me to book that I recently got “It  only happens in the movies”. This book sounds so good and just looking at it, I cannot wait to read it.

Also, my current read is a contemporary too, haha. It’s a book called “It s about love”, well…. can you  blame me. I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I’m sure many of you also love chick flicks.

So here I present to you some amazing reccomendations of chick flicks/ rom coms:

1. 10 things I love about you.

2. Mean girls 1 and 2

3. The notebook

4. Titanic

5. Bride wars

6. Legally blonde 1 and 2

7. The Princess Diaries

8. Letters to Juliet 

9. Serendipity 

10. Sweet home Alabama

And here’s contemporary novel reccomendations:

1. Elanor and Park

2. Faingirl

3. Tape 

4. Girl online 1 and 2

5. Geek girl

6. The  boy is back

7. The  boyfriend list

8. Our chemical hearts

Have you guys read any of these? Let me know in the comments. And  also this is a little different from the usual reviews, so tell me if you’d like more such posts.

Review: Against all odds

NAME: Against All odds 

AUTHOR: Danielle Steel

GENRE: Fiction


“Taking chances is part of life, but when you bet your future against the odds, its a high-risk game.”

This book was lovely. It was different, and exciting. A book about a worrying mother, who is very disappointed about the decisions her children have made for themselves and thinks that there is no chance of the decisions ever working. 

Against all odds was a very unique book and such that I normally wouldn’t read but oh, wow, was I impressed? It was so good. The plot, story, character development, all of it. Danielle Steel has done an examplary job writing this book. This was only my second book of her’s and I think that she has become one of my favourite authors now.

The book deals with real life issues, problems. Complicated relationships, high risks and arrogant decisions. It circles around  how people manage their life after taking a decision so shocking and if they succeed against all the odds or if they fail. Beautiful book, amazing story and a lot to learn from it. 

It was a little slow at the beginning byt by the end it had me in tears of joy and wanting more. Quite and emotional tale about a close knit family and how they help each other get through tough times  in life.

Would totally reccomend this book if you enjoy such tales, but it is always worth a read. A huge thanks to the publishers, Pan Macmillan India, for a review copy ❤


Hey guys. I’ve been away for sometime now and I  thought I should update you with what’s been going on ❤


I’m currently reading this really amazing book, Against all odds by Danielle Steel. Its quite unique read and different for me. But I’m loving it, halfway through it.


So on the music side, its been quote slow because I’ve had tests and exams this entire month. 

So some of my new favs/all time favs:

1. Look what you made me do

2. Dusk till Dawn

3. New rules

4. Fetish

5. Feels

So that’s it on these two fronts. Exams and all are on and its been pretty busy. Haven’t been that active on bookstagram either. But i have a whole bunch of books left to read and review. And I’m positive I’ll finish all of them by end of next month atleast  ❤

Sorry for the inactivity, will post many more updated. Be sure to follow me on instagram: @fangirlalert07_

Review: Yankee Girl

NAME: Yankee Girl

AUTHOR: Mary Ann Rodman

GENRE: modern classic


A book about racism and the horrible conditions the people faced during the 1960s in the deep south. 

A very interesting and BEAUTIFUL book that taught me lots, I didnt even know that such dire conditions of racism ever existed in the world, ah. The book was an eye opener, not just about racism but the fact that we NEED TO DO THE RIGHT THING no matter what. Follow your instinct and don’t care what others say, or it might be too late! 

This story talks about a girl who moves to mississipi from Chicago with her family. She is labeled and judged by the students at her new school for being from chicago and is given a nickname “Yankee Girl”. And she is probably the only  person who believes in equal rights for black people. She soon discovers that doing the right thing is not very easy especially because of peer pressure she faces and the mindset of the society in Mississippi! Trying to help the only black girl in her grade, Valerie, Alice  (Yankee girl) fails because she cares too much of what people think! But atleast in the end she realises it and finally does the right thing.

 A beautiful and heart touching story about fighting for justice and equality. Taught me a lot and I enjoyed it too! Was nice, reading something different for a change, I really liked this book and I would highly recommend you to read it too. 

A huge thanks to the lovely publishers, usborneya for a review copy!

Ps. Sorry for not posting for a vvvv long time, I’ve been horribly busy, but have now decided to post weekly updates and many more upcoming reviews await you. Thanks for sticking around guys, means a lot. 

Review: This is Where the world Ends 

NAME: This is Where the world Ends 

GENRE: YA, fiction, coming of age

AUTHOR: Amy Zhang 


“Miracles do not belong to fairy tales. Miracles belong to the desperate, because only the desperate believe in bullshit.”

This book was beautiful in every single aspect, it touched my soul and I loved  it. It was devastatingly wonderful and just….so good.

The writing was amazing, the author has done such an amazing job writing this book. I knew from the very start that this book was going to break me, but I liked it. It was unique and intriguing and just so well written, I just couldn’t put it down. EVERY word, every sentence seemed flawless and the story was so different.

Halfwau through the book I had come to love the protagonist, she was so cool and brave. A story that all must read, a book that tells us so much about society, peer pressure and self harm. A perfect blend of sadness and happiness, thid book left me for wanting more and more. 

That ending, ahh it hurt me really bad! Even though in the end I weeped like a baby, I loved the book. Because stuff happens no matter what, you can’t change it you can just try to forget and move on, because “forgetting  was so much easier tahn remembering”

The main characters had my heart, they were perfect they deserved to cherish each other, they deserved better! 

You guys need to read this book, it’s too good, a huge thanks to harper collins india for a review copy of this book.

Review: Note To Self

NAME: Note to Self 

AUTHOR: Connor Franta

GENRE: Non fiction, Antobiography/Biography 


“This is an open diary. This gives my insides a voice through visuals and poetry; this is me spilled out on paper” 

Ah, such a beautiful book. I loved it onto infinity. Such powerful words and such lovely pictures. This book was THE BEST BOOK I’VE READ IN 2017. Yes, it is that good. 
Connor Franta has written such beautiful lines, he made my heart melt and more importantly, he shed light on so many different aspects of life, this book has  my heart and soul. 

The poetry was absolutely flawless and so was eveything about this book. Connor Franta writes soooo well, I was pleasantly surprised, he writes better than most of ny favourite YA fiction authors. This book is too good, I cannot even talk enough about how much I loved it. 

The most magnificent piece of literature and art written by one beautiful, beautiful human being. He has done a perfect job with this book and ah it made  such an impact on me, I learnt so much. It was also very relateble for I’m sure most of the readers. 

People, please please read this book, it is just too amazing. I reccomend this to EVERYONE.