Interview With Nayomi Munaweera

Nayomi Munaweera’s debut novel, Island of a Thousand Mirrors was long-listed for the Man Asia Literary Prize and the Dublin IMPAC Prize. It was short-listed for the DSC Prize for South Asian Literature and the Northern California Book Prize. It won the Commonwealth Regional Prize for Asia. The Huffington Post raved, “Munaweera’s prose is visceral and indelible, devastatingly beautiful-reminiscent of the glorious writings of Louise Erdrich, Amy Tan and Alice Walker, who also find ways to truth-tell through fiction. The New York Times Book review called the novel, “incandescent.” The book was the Target Book Club selection for January 2016. Nayomi’s second novel, What Lies Between Us was hailed as one of the most exciting literary releases of 2016 from venues ranging from Buzzfeed to Elle magazine. Her non-fiction and short fiction are also widely published.

1. Hello, would you like to introduce yourself to the audience and tell us a bit about your background?

I was born in Sri Lanka, grew up in Nigeria and have lived in California since the age of 12. I live in Oakland, California.  
2. What inspired you to write ‘What Lies Between Us’?

My first novel, Island of a Thousand Mirrors told the story of the civil war in Sri Lanka through the points of view of two women going through it. It was the story of a nation coming into being and thus a big story with lots of characters. For my second I wanted to hone in on the psych of one particular character and tell her story from the inside out. This book is the story of a woman who has committed a terrible crime, it’s her confession and her attempt to tell the story her way. I wanted to humanize her despite the terrible act she’s committed, to say everyone deserves a chance to be heard and understood.
3. How does it feel to have successfully written two novels which have been loved by all audiences?

It feels pretty great. But the thing about writers is that we are rarely ever satisfied. I’m now deep in the writing of a third book and much more involved with the struggle of writing it that paying attention to my first two books. I think this is how we keep pushing on to better and better work- there has to be a feeling of dissatisfaction, otherwise I’d never have to write another book again-which would be great because writing books is hard! I don’t think people realize that every sentence in each book has been written and rewritten over and over and over again. There is a saying, “Easy reading is hard writing.” If the book flows and is easy to read, it means the writer killed themselves to make it like that. I hope readers understand this. 
4. What has been your greatest achievement in life?

Publishing two books “which have been loved by all audiences.” 🙂 Hopefully beyond this being a relatively kind person, someone who pays attention to others and to the world, and is curious about how it works. I don’t always succeed in this but I try. 
5. What is your advice to the aspiring authors?

Read a lot, everything you can find, the good books and the bad. Write a lot. Have a journal and write in it daily about anything and everything. Be aware of the unseen things- that other people don’t pay attention to, moods, emotions, colors,nature, moments of beauty, moments of cruelty- see it all, record it. Don’t show your work to anyone for a long time- you are developing your voice and input too early can really damage that. Be very patient. If you keep doing this work, soon you will get better, folks that started along with you will drop out and go to law school or something, keep doing it and you will get better, that’s guaranteed. Writers unlike anyone else (musicians, athletes) get better with age so be patient and work hard, hard, harder. Be gentle with yourself. Writing is beyond anything else a spiritual practice- you have to open to the unseen, the secret world all around us- this only comes with an open mind and an wide open, vulnerable heart- this can hurt a lot- so be nice to yourself. 

I had so much fun doing this interview with Nayomi Munaweera, hope you guys like reading it too! She’s an amazing writer and author of the book I read a few weeks ago ‘What Lies Between Us’ 

Currently reading + Teaser


Hi guys so I finally started reading an ember in the ashes! Ahh it’s amazing thank you so much Harper Collins india for the copy! I’m loving the book so far and also I have a new book boyfriend, Elias Veturius. I’m literally very close to finishing the book, I hope to do it today! And then the review will be up soon. 

And the best part?! I already have the sequel A Torch Against the Night! Yay!! So I’ll read that as soon as I finish AEITA. Once again thanks to Harper Collins India! An Ember in the Ashes is definitely a must read. With lots of adventure, fantasy and action it’s perfect for YA fantasy lovers. I urge you all to go read this book guys but I’m sure most have you have already read it, yes I was a little late to the party! But now we all can discuss and FANGIRL together about this wonderful book. Omg! Can’t wait to finish it.

  Laia is a slave. Elias is a soldier. Neither is free.
Under the Martial Empire, defiance is met with death. Those who do not vow their blood and bodies to the Emperor risk the execution of their loved ones and the destruction of all they hold dear.


It is in this brutal world, inspired by ancient Rome, that Laia lives with her grandparents and older brother. The family ekes out an existence in the Empire’s impoverished backstreets. They do not challenge the Empire. They’ve seen what happens to those who do.


But when Laia’s brother is arrested for treason, Laia is forced to make a decision. In exchange for help from rebels who promise to rescue her brother, she will risk her life to spy for them from within the Empire’s greatest military academy.


There, Laia meets Elias, the school’s finest soldier—and secretly, its most unwilling. Elias wants only to be free of the tyranny he’s being trained to enforce. He and Laia will soon realize that their destinies are intertwined—and that their choices will change the fate of the Empire itself.

Top 5 favourite authors

1. Cassandra Clare- for obvious reasons, duh! I love her writing style. The entire shadowhunter world that she created and that So many of us love! All her three amazing series.

2. Rick Riordan- he was the first ever author I’ve ever read books of so well, the pjo and hoo series are the closest to my heart! I love all his characters and I love both the series!

3. Rainbow Rowell- I’ve read 2 of her books mad I loved both of them, she’s an examplary writer!

4. Cecelia Ahern- I’ve read Flawed and it was and amazing dystopian fiction novel, I can’t wait for the sequel. I started loving her after this book itself I’m gonna read all of her books.

5. Zoella- first if all she’s an amazing person, and I love her two novels Girl Online and Gorl Online On Tour. Did you guys here?! The third book is coming out this year.

Contemporary or Fantasy?

A very interesting topic, according to me! I mean I now love both of these genres soo much it’s extremely difficult to choose. But I think it’s time to gather the pros and cons and see which one wins? I think it’ll be fun! Tell me what you think in the comments below guys! Which one do you guys prefer?!


So like come temporary is really sweet and nice and really lovely you know?! It makes us look at life white a completely new view, you know? And love stories, the sensible ones they make you feel happy and light and I really like that feeling. It’s like you start loving that book, the lead couple mad you start feeling like you are the book. The love, the smiles the fells ahh it’s amazing to feel all of it.

But then, there are so,e extremely cheesy love stories and stuff and I don’t like it so much. Like how the hell does love at first sight even work??! Some contemporaries don’t really make sense. Also the there are those that are extremely sad with people dying and what not?! To be honest I hate The Fault in our stars, I didn’t really get the hype you know?! And there is my problem with contemporaries.


Was definitely my favourite genre up until I read Elanor and Park! I love fantasy. To be able to imagine, live in a completely different world with creatures you haven’t heard about and mythical and mystical beings and it’s so amazing to be able to read that. I actually wish I was at hogwarts or even CHB, you know?! Like I’m jealous of these worlds. I wish I was there In Those magical wonderful worlds.

But there are those few books which I’ve hated. And which was been fantasy based books. Like all of them go totally off of topic. They go so deep into fantasy the whole story, plot is lost and the story is completely haywire! 

So guys that was my hypothesis. But I still couldn’t choose between  them 😅 guess I love them both too much to be able to choose! 

Review: It Must’ve Been something He Wrote

NAME: It Must’ve Been Something He wrote

AUTHOR: Nikita Deshpande

GENRE: Coming of age, Romance/ Comedy, YA fiction


When obsessive book-lover (ahem, book snob) Amruta – Ruta – Adarkar arrives in Delhi to work as a marketing executive for Parker-Hailey’s Publishing, she learns that the world of books is not as cozy as she’d imagined. Her eccentric taskmaster of a boss expects marketing miracles to happen on shoestring budgets and in record time, and surviving the job (and the city) means she’ll have to master the local art of jugaad really fast. Worst of all, she’s stuck being a publicist for Jishnu Guha, protein-shake lover, serial selfie-taker, and bestselling author of seven cheesy romance novels, the kind she wouldn’t be caught dead reading. As Ruta struggles between work and life in a new city, she finds, much to her annoyance, that she needs Jishnu’s help more than she cares to admit. But with her own parents getting a divorce, can Ruta dare to fall in love, especially with someone who’s so impossibly different?

This book was kindly sent to me by Hachette India in exchange for a review thank you guys, I absolutely loved it!

I loveddd this book to Pluto and back and here’s why you all should read it!

First things first this wasn’t just some stupid love story about two teenagers who fall in love as soon as they see each other, no it wasn’t! It’s about a hateful relationship between the protagonists slowly turns into LOVE. And that’s why I really enjoyed this book. It’s a publisher and writer love story. For bookworms like me guys go read this book right now, it tells us the inside story about how a publishing house “Parker Hailey’s” works and just how HARD the publishers and the writer work to bring out their books! Hats off to all the writers and their publishers.

The start was beautiful and I immediately came to Love the protagonist Amruta, she’s like totally me except I don’t get angry just that quickly but then besides this she was TOTALLY MEEE!!!! Amruta wanted t write her own stuff so badly but she believed that you cannot do that without  degree. So she starts working at a publishing house to earn some money and fund the education/course herself! Amruta hates stupid, cheesy love stories and cliched characters, etc. So when she bumps into Jishnu Guha she startshating him and thinks that what he writes is utter rubbish and that he definitely does not deserve to be so famous or his books to sell so many copies.

The story was inspiring, interesting and really entertaining. The jokes were really funny and once in a while when I let out a laugh my sister stared at me as though I was mental….anyways that is why I added Comedy to the genre of this book. A tale of the coming of age story and fun-filled and romantic comedy!The story evolves the entire time and well, it was way too difficult to put down this book and I ended up staying awake at night reading and devouring it. I’m quite proud of myself to have finished this book in just 4 sittings Yay!! GO ME!!

The book left me buzzing with happiness and good vibes. It actually was pretty cute and sweet at the end and I was totally rooting for the main couple! I felt happy as I went to bed with a smile on my face!!! Also I loved the fact that Amruta was kinda  feminist cause I think it’s really important to have gender equality in today’s society! I loved the sarcastic remarks that Ruta kept making, ah I totally could be besties with her!

The debut author Nikita Despande has done an exemplary job for her very first novel. It seems as though she has years of experience writing books. I can’t wait to meet her a signing or any book event! Go give this book a read guys, I’m so sur that you’ll like it!I can’t wait to read the next novel by this amazing and talented author.


Don’t judge a book by its Cover???

So guys we all know this extremely famous quote but the question is do we actually follow it? And honestly NO, I do not. I don’t know about you guys but I don’t follow this and yes, I do feel a little guilty. But what can I do? When I see an amazing looking cover with amazing colours and a fascinating title and cover I feel like reading it! There have been so many books that I’ve wanted to read only because the cover was pretty! 

Well, I a, sure of one thing, many of us do this! Also some of us all the time! But it this justified? I don’t know. I feel like authors and publishers make their book covers more attractive only because they too want more people to pick it up and read it! So then what’s wrong? 

Here’s what’s wrong. Sometimes a few books have not so pretty looking covers but the story it’s wonderful and the only reason you don’t pick it up is because it looks ugly? That not right at all.

So I think from today onwards we all should try reading different books, with different if not ugly covers too! What if that book becomes your favourite? I’m just saying…. But sometimes we need to buy books that look pretty too but at times we should consider probably checking out the story/content.

Weekly Update 

Hey guys! I know that o promised to post everyday but then….school and classes ugh! Anyways here’s a post on what I’m currently reading, listening to and other stuff! I hope you enjoy this.

Music 🎧

So I love listening to music and in these past weeks there’s been amazing new songs coming out and I completely love it! Here’s the list :

1. Cold water by Major Lazer ft Justin Beiber

2. Closer by Chainsmokers

3. Cheap Thrills by Sia

4. We don’t talk anymore by Charlie Puth ft Selena Gomez

5. Work by Rhianna 

Books 🎧

As I’ve mentioned on my bookstagram account I’ve been receiving So many ARCs I’m sooo happy and now I have this whole pile of books to read. 

1. What lies between us – yay just finished it sent to me by PAN Macmilllan 

2. It must’ve been something he wrote- CR sent to me by Hachette

3. If you could see me now- sent to me by Harper Collins 

4. A torch against the Night- sent to me by Harper Collins 

I love all of these publishers they are so kind to send me these copies to review I can’t wait to read and review all of these! 

Studies 😣

Not going well at the moment but I hope to finish quite a lot of studying thus weekend and also reading 😛😁

Hope you liked reading this, if not please tell me I’ll stop writing stuff like this 😛

Review: What lies between Us





Image result for what lies between usSo thanks so much to Pan macmillan India for kindly sending me a copy to review.

So this is what I mean by saying ” stepping out of comfort zones”. This book was definitely not what Iusually read. It was way different but then I thought that I needed to try reading it and it turns out I liked it!

An almost realistic story about a young girl from Sri Lanka who moves to America with burdens and secrets with her. Always in fear of what might happen. This story talks about the protagonist and what she grows up to be, the problems she faces and all that which is in her way. The story was written extremely well, it was as though I could feel everything happening. The writing is absolutely flawless, the way the story flows, and is something great at the end of it. Nayomi Munaweera has done an exemplary job with the writing!

Not only the writing but the story itself unfolds in ways we don’t expect and turns into something we don’t recognize. The wonderfully told story is almost real with all the emotions and expressions. Interesting to the core, I just couldn’t put this book down no matter what. It made me so curious I can’t explain how badly I needed to know what happens in the end.

The ending was beautiful yet sad in its own way. After finishing the book I felt complete and my thirst for knowing more was quenched but something that I did feel was sadness and pity for the protagonist, but as she herself says, she doesn’t deserve to be forgiven.She is lost but yet whole and that’s just the way it is……..

What I think about Buying Books

So being a book lover I love having thousands of books in my (imaginary) shelf and I absolutely love the idea of new books. But then there’s the question “money”? Ah so here’s my sad sad story I’m a student and am absolutely broke. I don’t have a penny to spend. Ohh here’s the second part of my sad story my parents don’t like buying me books (there I said it) 

So I feel like I have no power because I have no money! There’s so much stuff to buy but how do I buy it? I wish I had a million dollars and all I’d spend it on would be Clothes and books and ofcourse everything else like food, a place to live and NETFLIX. Yes so this is basically my life. Stalking people on the bookstagram community and looking at all the beautiful books that they own and their big Crazy “book hauls”. People say that they have a major book buying problem. Well, I’d be the same except it there’s no money how the hell do I buy books?! 

So this is what I think about books they should be free for all. Haha jk😂 (cause I plan to be an author and well if I get zero income idk what I’ll do) but they definitely should be free for those who don’t own money or probably we all should have amazing parents who love to spoil us buying everything (muahhhhaaa: that’s my evil laughter btw) 

Umm, thats why I hope you guys know why the same books appear in my Instagram feed over and over again and I hope that there’s someone out there with the same exact problem cause I can’t deal with This alone 😛 so here’s a shoutout to all those bookworms who are students, guys I feel ya 😁❤️

Why Book mail is Amazing

So these past few weeks I’ve been getting continuous packages from publishers of review copies, and this makes me sooo happy! Believe me receiving books in the mail after a hard day of school is literally the best feeling in the world. The happiness and the excitement and that new video/pictures that you need to upload on Instagram for everyone to see ahh, it’s amazing! 

Like last month I had this exam and once I came back The Sqaure Root Of Summer was right there waiting for me and I was almost jumping with joy (everyone around me started at me thinking I’m mad and then just ignored me 😂) and that perfect timing. Woo!! BOOKMAIL = HAPPINESS 

Though, then there are some cases where your ARC list is soo long and you have exams and there’s so much of work and pressure over you, it’s stressful. But most publishers are very kind and give you lots of time to read and review books and what better break/change from studying than reading a book you love and have been waiting forever to read?! Yes I know that sounds amazing and trust me it is!!!! ❤️❤️

And hence the title BOOKMAIL is really THE BEST! Nothing in the world except for maybe Percy being my boyfriend can ever ever beat that! And that packaging. Ahh I could go on forever….