Update time!

Its vacations, but I’m horribly busy and trying to make the most of my time….trying my best!

Here’s what I’ve been upto:

1. TV/Movies

I binge watched season 3 of Gossip girl and season 1 and 2 of Suits and the entire season 1 of 13 reasons why and Stranger Things.

Yess i watches a lot of netflix! I watched seeveral chick flicks and famous movies like:

The sisterhood of the tarvelling pants part  1 and 2

27 dresses

Letters to Juliet

Guardians of the galaxy 

Rewatched Mean girls 1 and 2 and sooo many more ahhh

So on this part it was definitely a success!

2. Music 

Listened to music sooo muchhhhh!!! Caught up with all the new songs and listened to my fav artists!

Here’s how my playlist looks rn!

3. Reading 

Ahh veryyyy disappointed here! I barely read anythung but I’m currently trying to catch uppp!! I’ve read 2 books so far this month, need to make it atleast 3!

Currently loving and reading Perfect! Its awesome, will probably finish it today!

Yess, that’s it! What have you been upto this summer, let me know in the comments pls!

Is it way too late for a TBR? 

I throughly apologise for my absence guys! I was so busy….yess even during vacations. So here’s my tbr for may if it isnt too late 😂

1. The Sins of The Father

2. Perfect

3. A dog’s purpose

4. As I descended

5. Behind her eyes

Hmm…hopefully i can finish all of these! Wish me luck  guys! How many books do you plan to read s month? Which are they? I’d love to know in the comments! Look out for reviews and weekly updates.

Fandom diaries and notepads

Hey guys! Sorry for being MIA. Will return to posting regularly after the 13th, exams are going on right now! 

Anyways I discovered this amazing book/movie fandom diary company on Instagram! It’s an indian company named “The Paper Dolphin” and they’re products are absolutely perfect for all different fandom and book lovers. I collaborated with them and I got these two awesome diaries ❤ one HP themed and an other FRIENDS themed one! They’re both so beautiful and lovely ahh! And not to mention the perfect paper quality. One has thick cartridge paper and the other one was a slightly lighter material paper. I really really loved them and you know what? You really should get yourself some of their amazing notepads and diaries. Also, follow their Instagram page to see the amazing new products they launch. 

the paper dolphin

You really really need to try their products! Here are the pics for the wonderful books I got.

They may look dark in these  pics, due to editing but really they are light coloured!

March Wrap up!

So I read only 4 books, buy oh well, I had expected to read only 3 so it’s an achievement  (thats what happens when you plan to read such less books 😂) 

1. Before I fall 

Amazing book, haven’t watched the movie yet! 5/5

2. Dangerous Games 

A very unique read, stepping out of comfort zone for Me! But really enjoyed it. 4/5

3. The list

Book with a very important message! Loved it. Cute contemporary ❤ 4.5/5

4. The thousandth Floor 

Best book I’ve read so far in 2017! Go read it if you haven’t. 5/5

Beauty and The Beast…my Thoughts 

I finally watched this movie and I loved it! It was amazing. The animation I’m some of the parts was fabulous.

I watched it in 3D and it was sooo good. But most of all I loved Emma Watson in the film, she was breathtakingly beautiful…soo gorgeous ahh, I Honestly couldn’t take my eyes off of her. This remake was lovely and I would watch it again if given an oppurtunity.

The quality too was impeccable and the songs….well they were awesome ❤ I loved Belle’s yellow dress too 😍 it was absolutely amazing.

Overall an amazing movie and you rally must watch it!

5 books that can get out out of slumps 

All of us like quick and light hearted reads once in a while. To get over a book hangover or to get out of a slump or get over a book! 

So if you ever find yourself in these situations here are 5 books that’ll help you get over the book!

1. The Boy is Back 

A very easy and fun read, perfect to get over a sad book!

2. Caramel hearts by Elizabeth Murray

A very fast paced and happy novel!

3. Girl online by Zoella 

Perfect book to get out of a slump!

4. The list

A high school drama that makes you happy!

5. It must’ve been something he wrote

A very cute and sweet love story! It will get your spirits high! 

Review: The List

NAME: The List

AUTHOR: Siobhan Vivian 

GENRE: contemporary, coming of age, YA 

RATINGS: 4.5/5

A truly lovely book about high school, love and the importance of not having labels.

This book has a much deeper meaning than we expect when we read it! It gives us a very important message of not categorizing people into groups or labelling them.

The effret that it has on an individual is huge and we should always be careful of that! 

This book was a very quick read and I thoroughly enjoyed it! It had the right amount of everything- Thrill, humour, Drama and Love.

A very well written and extremely realtable to the youth, this book surpassed my expectations! 

I hope many more people read this book and realise that  body shamming is the qorst thing ever.

You can’t keep judging people by their looks and labeling them and humiliating them publicly in front of the entie school, thats low!

The story was fascinating and kept switching between all the different girls on the list and i loved that. Siobhan Vivian gave us an insight into all the girls’s life and how the list affected them.

I liked all the character, all of them were very different from each other and seeing them completely transform during the end, wow! I really enjoyed that part the most.

The ending was a bit incomplete but well, that gives an oppurtunity to a sequel and i really do hope that happens! 

A fast paced book that i loved and would reccomend it to everyone. We all must read this book! So if you haven’t already added this  book to your  huge  TBR pile (i can relate) do it now!

March TBR

Yes, a little late for my tbr but still here I go!

My exams will be starting by march end so I’m not being too expecting and i think I’ll read only 3 books or so this month. Let’s hope that its atleast 3 and not 0 😛

1. Before I fall

Just read it and i loved it, 5/5 review is one post behind 🙂 

2. The List 

Seems really good, can’t wait to read it!

3. The thousandth Floor

Have been meaning to read this since forever, hopefully it’ll happen this month.

What are some of the book that you are planning to read this month?

I’d love to know in the comments 🙂


Review: Before I Fall 

NAME: Before I Fall 

AUTHOR: Lauren Oliver 

GENRE: thriller, YA, Coming of  age 


“Maybe you can afford to wait. Maybe for you there’s a tomorrow. Maybe for you there’s one thousand tomorrows, or three thousand, or ten, so much time you can bathe in it, roll around it, let it slide like coins through you fingers. So much time you can waste it.

But for some of us there’s only today. And the truth is, you never really know.”

 This has become my favourite quote ever. 

This book was truly beautiful. Every line was amazingly written and well, I loved it.

A story about teenage drama, bullying and friendship that captured my heart. This was one awesome book that deserves more credit. The author has written exceptionally well, Wow! I am now her biggest fan.

I loved the story and the fact that the book was not too slow but a quick and easy read. And just imagine living a sinfke day over and over that, it would be impossible and unimaginable. I started adoring the protagonist “Sam” so much over time. She finally starts seeing who she has become and wants to change things for the better, she tries her very best and is so determined.

This book portrays strong emotions and is a nail biting thriller about a girl who lives a single day over and over again.

One of the most interesting and intriguing books I’ve ever read. 

The ending of this book was hontesly shocking and well, it took some time to set in my head and in the end I just felt broken and empty and sad. A pit of  nothingness! I actually was searching for morw pages once I was done and well, ahh I finally realised that, that was how it ended and i would just have to admit it. 

This book broke me in a way that most sad books do,  leaving you crying or sad or empty. But it is a truth that books that touch our  souls are the ones we love.

An enormously huge thanks to Harper Collins India for sending this amazing book to Me, I truly chrished it❤

I recommend this book to everyone who loves thrillers and contempoaraty, coming of age books! You guys should totally read this lovely book.

February wrap up! 

So I think it’s an improvement that this month i read 3 books and last month I only read 2, So yay! 

That being said, I only completed 3 books from my tbr so the rest of the books get carried forward to March! So here’s what i read:

1. Caramel Hearts 

Loved this book so much, it was amazing ❤ 
2. Gemina 

The best book I’ve read  so far in 2017, a huge thanks to pan Macmillan for the review copy.

3. Carve The mark 

Intriguing and unique, I enjoyed it a lot, thanks to Harper Collins India publishers for the review copy.

So this was my short and sweet wrap up, what did you guys read this month? And how many books did you’ll read? I’d love to know I’m the comments section.