Beauty and The Beast…my Thoughts 

I finally watched this movie and I loved it! It was amazing. The animation I’m some of the parts was fabulous.

I watched it in 3D and it was sooo good. But most of all I loved Emma Watson in the film, she was breathtakingly beautiful…soo gorgeous ahh, I Honestly couldn’t take my eyes off of her. This remake was lovely and I would watch it again if given an oppurtunity.

The quality too was impeccable and the songs….well they were awesome ❤ I loved Belle’s yellow dress too 😍 it was absolutely amazing.

Overall an amazing movie and you rally must watch it!

Review: The Thousandth Floor

NAME: The thousandth Floor

AUTHOR: Katharine McGee

GENRE: YA< fiction, fantasy, sci-fi


“The higher you are, the farther you fall”

This book was magnificent, and completely PERFECT! A book so unique that you lose yourself completely in it. I loved this book to the very last word. Every single aspect of this book was so intriguing and amazing, ah…. This book is now THE BEST book I’ve read in 2017 so far. And I just wonder why I didn’t pick it up earlier.

The start, unlike most books wasn’t monotonous but very much lively and thrilling from the first chapter. I loved how the author had written it from all the character’s point of view. It kept the book moving and upbeat. And it may seem odd to you guys, but sometimes I see the length of a particular chapter and if it’s too long I feel tired and kind of difficult while reading it. And well, with this book, I just couldn’t put it down! It was the MOST fun I’ve had reading any book.

I personally loved each character. The fact that the author pointed out that everyone had a good and bad side was really appreciable! I found myself enjoying this book so much, that I lost track of time and to be honest, I actually finished this book in just 2 sittings! I finished it practically in less than 3 days. The plot was extremely well prepared and thought of. It was an excellent cross between YA and sci-fi. Not to mention the intricacy with which the future world was described was fabulous. I could picture everything and it felt awesome.

My reaction….when I reached the end was….well hard to picture but lets just say there were shrieks and an open mouth ; ) anyways I finished the book about half an hour go and I really can’t wait for the second book….I honestly need it right now. The end was NOT AT ALL predictable to say the least, it was a shock and a surprise and well….read the book to find out!

A huge thanks to Harper Collins India for a review copy!

Guys, If you aren’t already ordering this book now, you really, really should! I hope this review makes you want to buy this book right this instant and if it doesn’t then I urge you to go read this futuristic and one of a kind book that I’m sure you’ll absolutely love!




5 books that can get out out of slumps 

All of us like quick and light hearted reads once in a while. To get over a book hangover or to get out of a slump or get over a book! 

So if you ever find yourself in these situations here are 5 books that’ll help you get over the book!

1. The Boy is Back 

A very easy and fun read, perfect to get over a sad book!

2. Caramel hearts by Elizabeth Murray

A very fast paced and happy novel!

3. Girl online by Zoella 

Perfect book to get out of a slump!

4. The list

A high school drama that makes you happy!

5. It must’ve been something he wrote

A very cute and sweet love story! It will get your spirits high! 

Review: Dangerous Games 

NAME: Dangerous Games 

AUTHOR: Danielle Steel 

GENRE: Fiction, political fic, suspense 


This was my very first time reading a book that revolves around political Scandals and issues. A huge thanks to pan Macmillan india for the review copy, I really enjoyed this book and it helped me to discover a new genre.

The plot of “Dangerous Games” was interesting and  fast paced and was a pretty easy yet keeps you into it and I loved it! 

The protagonist “Alix” is a brave and determined woman who is hell bent on exposing the truth and fighting for Justice.

It was a thrilling and suspense filled book that kept me on the edge of my seat and there were moments when my eyes got big or my heart beat started picking up pace. 

The ending was good, but I know that there’ll be a sequel and I can’t wait to read what happens next! This book took me on a rollercoaster ride that I throughly loved and would love to read more of Danielle Steel.

Danielle Steel is a very talented and amazing writer has used her words very well in the book.

Overall this book was a great read and if you love politics then this one’s for you. Even if you don’t, you should really read this book, its amazing and I highly reccomend it.

Guest post: A way back into love by Veronica Thatcher 

Hey guys! I had the honour to interview the author of this amazing book: A way Back into Love.

She’s extremely talented and has written a very good book.

1. What inspired you to write ‘A way back into love’?

Ans – A TV show did. Not the entire show, but only a minor plotline.


2. What have been some of the constant troubles or problems you’ve faced while writing your book, and how did you get past them?

Ans – I often came this close to giving up and leaving it an unfinished manuscript. I have always had issues with regularity and I often went on month-long breaks from writing. I tend to give up too easily. It’s one of my biggest flaws. But, my readers and reviewers and their constant motivation pushed me to get past that and finish the book.


3. How does it feel, to have finallly written your book and seeing people buy and read it?

Ans – It feels surreal. I never even dreamt of being a published author, so it definitely feels like something out of a dream. I cannot express my happiness in words.


4. What is your favourite thing about writing?

Ans – That I can create a whole new world, where I make the rules and I tell a story that has never been told before. I can create characters, and I can tell their story. The power lies in my hands only.


5. What is your advice to the future generation who want to be successful writers?

Ans – Be patient and never give up. There will be times when it will feel so difficult that you’ll just want to give up, but don’t because it will be worth it in the end. And write what you want to write, not what you think readers want to read. And lastly, put your heart and soul into writing. Write with a lot of passion and love. As I say, “Do it with passion, or not at all.”

Weekly Update

Hey guys I’m thinking of doing  update post every saturday! Tell me in the comments how that sounds!!!


I’m currently reading “Dangerous Games” by Danielle Steel. This book was sent to me  by Pan Macmillan india.

This book is about political scandals and a very brave protagoinist who will do anything to find out the truth!

I’m really enjoying this book so far! I’ve reached the middle and it’s really picking up pace and I’m really liking it.


So right now I’m obsessed with Ed Sheeran’s new album, its amazing.

My favourite songs atm are:

 Shape of you by Ed Sheeran

 Paris by  Chainsmokers

 Something just like this by Coldplay and The Chainsmokers

It ain’t me by Kygo ft. Selena Gomez.

Let Me love you


Slide by Calvin Harris 

If you guys havent heard these yet I really reccomend you to asap! They’re all really nice!

What are some of the songs you’ve been obsessed with? 


I started watching Gossip  as soon as i finished Sherlock and omg! GG is amazing. I’m on season 3 now and I really like it.

I also am finally catching up with Pretty Little Liartd season 7 and omg we’re so close to the end ahhh i can’t do it, it’s way too sad.

What are your fav TV shows?

Best deco/aesthetic products

Hey guys! Today I’ve come with a review 0f products by this amaizng company called Madcappage! 

So, I discovered this company through Instagram and as I scrolled through the pictures, I fell in love with the products.

I did a collaboration with them and wow, the products they sent….amazing! I loved it even more in person. 

I’ve basically already used them all 😘 they’re just so good.

Here’s what I got:

1. A glam mug 

Honestly speaking, the most attractive mug I own. The intricacy of the design is abosolutely fabulous and I loved the colour combination too.

2. A Dream catcher poster

One thing that I badly wanted was posters for my wall and when I saw this poster in their catalogue I was so thrilled! This Pretty poster now is stuck on my wall and it makes me feel so happy and bubbly❤

3. A wanderlust tote!

Totes are probably the most wanted pieces of accessory that most people would opt for and well, I did too! I admired the doodling on the bag so much, it was way too beautiful 😍

And the quality was awesome too! 

On the whole my entire experience with this company was really wonderful and I’d love to buy products from them! This is an indian company and manufactures the BEST hip and mordern designs ever! If you saw these pics and liked them then don’t hesitate for even a second, go buy their products right away guys! I highly recommend them.

Visit madcappage ❤❤

Review: The List

NAME: The List

AUTHOR: Siobhan Vivian 

GENRE: contemporary, coming of age, YA 

RATINGS: 4.5/5

A truly lovely book about high school, love and the importance of not having labels.

This book has a much deeper meaning than we expect when we read it! It gives us a very important message of not categorizing people into groups or labelling them.

The effret that it has on an individual is huge and we should always be careful of that! 

This book was a very quick read and I thoroughly enjoyed it! It had the right amount of everything- Thrill, humour, Drama and Love.

A very well written and extremely realtable to the youth, this book surpassed my expectations! 

I hope many more people read this book and realise that  body shamming is the qorst thing ever.

You can’t keep judging people by their looks and labeling them and humiliating them publicly in front of the entie school, thats low!

The story was fascinating and kept switching between all the different girls on the list and i loved that. Siobhan Vivian gave us an insight into all the girls’s life and how the list affected them.

I liked all the character, all of them were very different from each other and seeing them completely transform during the end, wow! I really enjoyed that part the most.

The ending was a bit incomplete but well, that gives an oppurtunity to a sequel and i really do hope that happens! 

A fast paced book that i loved and would reccomend it to everyone. We all must read this book! So if you haven’t already added this  book to your  huge  TBR pile (i can relate) do it now!

Cover Reveal: Dangerous Games

Television correspondent Alix Phillips dodges bullets and breaks rules to bring the most important news to the world from riots in America to protests on the streets of Tehran. With her daughter in college, and working alongside cameraman Ben Chapman, a deeply private ex-Navy SEAL, Alix revels in the risks and whirlwind pace of her work. But her latest assignment puts her at the center of an explosive story that will reshape many lives, including her own: investigating damning allegations involving the vice president of the United States, Tony Clark.
Alix starts with a nationally revered woman who may be the key to exposing frightening secrets. Olympia Foster is the fragile, reclusive widow of America’s most admired senator, who had been destined for the presidency before an assassin’s bullet felled him. Since then, Olympia has found emotional support from Clark, who once wanted her as his wife and now stands as her protector and confidant. When Alix begins to dig deeper, federal agents pick up the trail. Then the threats begin.
As the stakes rise in this dangerous game, Alix needs Ben’s help as never before. And soon they realize they are grappling with an adversary far more sinister than they had imagined.
Guys check out this amazing book releasing today ‘Dangerous Games’ by Danielle Steel.

Pan macmillan is publishing this wonderful book about politics corruption and international intrigue.

Written by an extremely talented author ‘Dangerous Games’is the first of the 6 new titles Danielle Steel will be releasing with Pan Macmillan in 2017.

This book seems intriguing and I can’t wait to read it. 

March TBR

Yes, a little late for my tbr but still here I go!

My exams will be starting by march end so I’m not being too expecting and i think I’ll read only 3 books or so this month. Let’s hope that its atleast 3 and not 0 😛

1. Before I fall

Just read it and i loved it, 5/5 review is one post behind 🙂 

2. The List 

Seems really good, can’t wait to read it!

3. The thousandth Floor

Have been meaning to read this since forever, hopefully it’ll happen this month.

What are some of the book that you are planning to read this month?

I’d love to know in the comments 🙂