Review: Gemina 

Name: Gemina

Genre: YA, Sci-fi, fantasy 

Author: Jay Kristof, Amie Kaufman 

Rating: 5/5 

Wow! This book blew me away completely. I loved each and everything about it and there’s not a single aspect I’d ever change about this book.

A huge thanks to the amazing Panmacmillan India for a review copy of this outstanding book.

I loved Illuminae a lot! And when I heard that Gemina was released I was so desperate to get the book, ahh and it more than just met my expectations. I did knwo that in this book, the main protagonists will be different, but I came to love them after a while. The relatable language, the unique printing of the book, the entire story and plot was fabulous! To be honest, I really didn’t expect to like it so much, but i did and I’m so happy about that. 

This lovely book was a mix of all emotions and feelings and on rod the most important one was HOPE! Continuously I kept praying for the survival of the protagonists. Unconsciously I was holding my breath, dreading what would happen next! Ah, this book was just wonderful, it made  me so happy.

Even the ending was PERFECT! I loved all of it. And I’m extremely grateful to the publishers for a review copy! If you guys haven’t read this book yet, you really should. It’s an amazing book and deserves to be read by everyone. So I dont know what you’re waiting for, rush to the store right now and go buy the book guys, it’s truly beautiful and completely worth every single  penny, I promise.    

February TBR

Hey guys, though its already the 14th of Feb, I’m anyways gonna make a the, better late than never! 

So I think I’ll be able to read about 4-5 books this month here’s what I’ll be reading :

1. Caramel hearts(just finished reading)

2. Gemina 

3. Carve The mark 

4. The thousandth floor (need to finish it this month!)

5. Before I fall

Hope I can finish these, I really really want to! Tell me what you’ve planned to read for Feb in the comments below!

Review: Caramel Hearts 

Name: Caramel hearts 

Author: E.R Murray 

Genre: YA, contemporary 

Ratings: 4.5/5 

A book about Love, relationships, and a passion for cooking. All of my favourite things in one book, ahh it was lovely. A huge thanks to the amazing and talented author and the publishers for a review copy of this book.

I loved the idea, characters and the storyline so very much. I could relate to this book on a huge scale. I love baking, its by far my favourite thing to do! And not just that but the bond of two sisters depicted in this book was extremely relatable and very very accurate! 

It was a Nice, light and fast paced read, so if you’re in a slump and want to get over it, caramel hearts is your book! I reccomend this book to all YA and contemporary lovers who are in the mood for a pleasing read.

According to me, this book qualifies as a happy book, after finishing this book, I felt contended and satisfied! I liked it so much more  than I expected to. It was indeed a very unique and interesting book! 

I wish that more  such baking, cooking related YA books come up, if definitely love to read them! You guys should  definitely check out this amazing book, you can read my review on my Instagram too! 

This book truly was a wonderful beginning to my February. Hope to read more  such books.

Check out the awesome publishers from  England “Alma books”, they publish extremely good books and give you a lifetlifetime experience. 

January wrap up! 

Well this month sucked, I d only 2 books. 

1. The boy is back

2. Only time will tell 

I’ve posted  reviews for both of them, do check it out. Loved both the books, amazing story line and wonderful authors. 

Yesterday I finished ‘Caramel hearts’ thanks a lot to the amazing “Alma books” England! I thoroughly enjoyed the book, will write the review today itself! Also, visit my Instagram for all the reviews that I post there too and the pictures❤


For all the other stuff i did this month, I’ll be writing a separate post💛 because I’m too busy right now, haha just kidding! 

Anyways I do hope your January was better, ahh and also tell me the books you read this month in the comments❤ I’m looking for book reccomendations  

Review: Only Time Will Tell

NAME: Only Time Will tell 

AUTHOR: Jeffrey Archer

GENRE: fiction, YA 

RATINGS: 4.5/5 

Thanks to the amazing pan Macmillan India for a review copy of this lovely book.

I’ve never read anything like thisbefore. It was different and I loved It! The entire plot itself was highly captivating and the story only kept getting better.

I mostly read only YA fantasy or contemporary books but then I realised that there was one highly recommended author whose works I’d never read. This was my first ever Jeffery archer book and will definitely not be my last.

The first installation in the Clifton chronicles and it was unbelievable. The language used in the book was explicit and yes I did have to pull out the dictionary a few times to look up meanings but that only proves how talented Jeffery archer is. His vocabulary was one of the best I’ve ever read.

The characters were unique and extremely well portrayed. Harry Clifton, the protagonist’s development was amazing. How from a small child who refused to go to school, he became a young man who had achieved lot more than anyone who expected him to! 

The story took many turns, that i did not expect at all and was taken aback. The ending was a hugeeee cliffhanger and I need the next book right now. The book ending was hands down unbelievable, I was surprised and shocked and had such mixed emotions, it was like a whirlwind. 

I would definitely say that I loved the book and enjoyed reading it a lot! If you guys haven’t read Jeffery archer yet, please do, you will not be disappointed! I hope to read many more Jeffery archer books in the future starting with the next book in the Clifton Chronicles! 

I recommend this everyone who wants to explore new genres, don’t forget to read this book, it will change your way of picking out books of only a single type or genre. It will help widen your horizon and explore different books!

Current read and updates 

Hey guys, it’s again been a long time and I really apologise for that! I’ll be spamming everyone I follow with likes and comments, I have a lot to catch up to! 

So currently I’m reading my first ever Jeffery archer book “Only Time Will Tell” the first installation of the Clifton chronicles and I’m in love with it so far! It’s absolutely amazing! I cant wait to finish it.

Its a bit different from the normal YA fiction that i read but I really like it! A huge thanks to panmacmillan India for a review copy of the book.

You guys should definitely check it out. 

Here are some of the other things going on:

I changed my instagarm theme like 2 or 3  yes I’m very indecisive so please support me and like my pictures my username on Instagram is @fangirlalert07_ 

I Also was chosen as a rep for the bookings crate box, an indian subscription box that’s just INR 699 how cool is that, it’s one of tge cheapest book subscription boxes in India! Do check out my unboxing pics on my Instagram!

Yes so that covers my bookish life in other news my exams started ugh! 

Here are some of my fav songs/ movies/ etc:

Starboy(the weekend), 24k magic(bruno mars), Heathens(by 21 pilots) setting fires (not sure if the name but it’s by the chainsmokers) 

I just watched “the swap” a disney channel original movie and I love it! I also started Gossip girl so yay! And yes PLL season 7! 

I’m also completely in love with chokers right now! And baby lips too! And my favourite perfume is Jovan Black musk it smells amazing!

That’s it guys! Tell me how is your jan, in the comments I’d love to know!

Top otps of 2016

So this is a very interesting one and I really wanted to do this yay!!

1. Malec 

Like duh! They’re honestly the cutest couple, the TV  and the book, this ship rules!!!!

2. Elias and Laia 

A new ship that i came to know of not very long ago and they’re amazing. I love them so much ahh do gp read An ember in  the ashes, if you haven’t already!

3. Kady and Ezra 

Ahh one of the best books I’ve read and one of the best couples, that last bit if the book omg! Was mind blowing. 

So these were a few of my favourite otps of 2016, do tell me yours in the comments!

Notex notemakers

Hey guys so recently i did a collaboration with the amazing Notex notemakers. They’re this amazing india based company that makes notebooks, notepads, diaries and pretty sationery. Do follow them on Instagram and don’t forget to like their facebook page!

I’m currently giving away the pretty hot pink diary in the above picture! It has a beautiful pink cover and the paper quality too is amazing.

Typing is what we use nowadays but dont you think doodling or writing down notes on paper is better? It’s much more beneficial and notex helps us with an amazing experience. 

Unfortunately the giveaway is open only to indian residents. So those who are based in india, do enter and win a chance to win this pretty notebook. It’s on my Instagram account! Here’s the link:

Top 5 books of 2016

I think choosing just 5 is going to be very difficult but let’s give it a try!(the books are in a random order)

1. An ember in the ashes

One of the best fantasy books I’ve ever read! Do go giving a read.

2. Lady Midnight 

What do I even say?! This book blew me away.

3. Elanor and park 

The day I started liking cute contemporaries, best love story ever!

4. Illuminae

Whoa, this book was amazing! Please go read it ASAP! 

5. The infernal devices

Yes, this one is on everyone’s list!

That’s it, it was definitely difficult but phew! Do let me know your favs in the comments.

Reading challenge 

So as many of you who follow me on Instagram @fangirlalert07_ know that for 2016 I did not finish my reading goal. Ahh I feel so useless. I read 28/30 books, so close I tell you! 

Anyways for 2017 I’ll be in the 9th grade, that means more studies. And less reading time agh! So I’ve decided not to be too excited and overestimate myself so I’ve kept my reading goal for just 25 books, yes that is less, very even. But what do I do! The good  thing s if I do cross 25 I’ll be so happy and all. So that’s a plus point.

Though I will try my very best to not just complete but surpass my reading goal this year! Anyways do follow or friend me on Goodreads if you want to read my reviews my username is Fangirlalert_07

So, what are your reading goals for this year, do let me know down in the comments.