Review: Yankee Girl

NAME: Yankee Girl

AUTHOR: Mary Ann Rodman

GENRE: modern classic


A book about racism and the horrible conditions the people faced during the 1960s in the deep south. 

A very interesting and BEAUTIFUL book that taught me lots, I didnt even know that such dire conditions of racism ever existed in the world, ah. The book was an eye opener, not just about racism but the fact that we NEED TO DO THE RIGHT THING no matter what. Follow your instinct and don’t care what others say, or it might be too late! 

This story talks about a girl who moves to mississipi from Chicago with her family. She is labeled and judged by the students at her new school for being from chicago and is given a nickname “Yankee Girl”. And she is probably the only  person who believes in equal rights for black people. She soon discovers that doing the right thing is not very easy especially because of peer pressure she faces and the mindset of the society in Mississippi! Trying to help the only black girl in her grade, Valerie, Alice  (Yankee girl) fails because she cares too much of what people think! But atleast in the end she realises it and finally does the right thing.

 A beautiful and heart touching story about fighting for justice and equality. Taught me a lot and I enjoyed it too! Was nice, reading something different for a change, I really liked this book and I would highly recommend you to read it too. 

A huge thanks to the lovely publishers, usborneya for a review copy!

Ps. Sorry for not posting for a vvvv long time, I’ve been horribly busy, but have now decided to post weekly updates and many more upcoming reviews await you. Thanks for sticking around guys, means a lot. 

Review: This is Where the world Ends 

NAME: This is Where the world Ends 

GENRE: YA, fiction, coming of age

AUTHOR: Amy Zhang 


“Miracles do not belong to fairy tales. Miracles belong to the desperate, because only the desperate believe in bullshit.”

This book was beautiful in every single aspect, it touched my soul and I loved  it. It was devastatingly wonderful and just….so good.

The writing was amazing, the author has done such an amazing job writing this book. I knew from the very start that this book was going to break me, but I liked it. It was unique and intriguing and just so well written, I just couldn’t put it down. EVERY word, every sentence seemed flawless and the story was so different.

Halfwau through the book I had come to love the protagonist, she was so cool and brave. A story that all must read, a book that tells us so much about society, peer pressure and self harm. A perfect blend of sadness and happiness, thid book left me for wanting more and more. 

That ending, ahh it hurt me really bad! Even though in the end I weeped like a baby, I loved the book. Because stuff happens no matter what, you can’t change it you can just try to forget and move on, because “forgetting  was so much easier tahn remembering”

The main characters had my heart, they were perfect they deserved to cherish each other, they deserved better! 

You guys need to read this book, it’s too good, a huge thanks to harper collins india for a review copy of this book.

Review: Note To Self

NAME: Note to Self 

AUTHOR: Connor Franta

GENRE: Non fiction, Antobiography/Biography 


“This is an open diary. This gives my insides a voice through visuals and poetry; this is me spilled out on paper” 

Ah, such a beautiful book. I loved it onto infinity. Such powerful words and such lovely pictures. This book was THE BEST BOOK I’VE READ IN 2017. Yes, it is that good. 
Connor Franta has written such beautiful lines, he made my heart melt and more importantly, he shed light on so many different aspects of life, this book has  my heart and soul. 

The poetry was absolutely flawless and so was eveything about this book. Connor Franta writes soooo well, I was pleasantly surprised, he writes better than most of ny favourite YA fiction authors. This book is too good, I cannot even talk enough about how much I loved it. 

The most magnificent piece of literature and art written by one beautiful, beautiful human being. He has done a perfect job with this book and ah it made  such an impact on me, I learnt so much. It was also very relateble for I’m sure most of the readers. 

People, please please read this book, it is just too amazing. I reccomend this to EVERYONE. 

Review: Tape

NAME: Tape

AUTHOR: Steven Camden

GENRE: YA, Contemporary, fiction


A very inspiring and lovely story about true love. I never really enjoy or really like love stories but this book was an exception.

A carefully written story about 2 individuals who have suffered great loss and try their best to  cope and in the process, finding love. I had never before read any of Steven Camden books, and I loved his writing in this, I honestly can’t wait to read other books by him.

An intriguing and unique tale about a connection beyond time, a discovery of love, the universe, fate and all that the world has to offer. A beautifully sad book, but it was really good. There were moments when tears came to my eyes and this book was totally worth it. 

If You enjoy love stories or just want to read a good contemporary, this book is for you, definitely reccomend it to everyone! I loved it and I will surely reread it soon ❤ 

Review: As I descended 

NAME: As I descended 

AUTHOR: Robin Talley

GENRE: Fantasy, horror, fiction, YA


“Something wicked this way comes”

Never expected to be so amazed and surprised by this book. It was absolutely magnificent and so unexpectedly unique.

When I just started reading this I thought it was a Classic contemporary. But after a few pages it became a mix of horror and fantasy and fiction. On the whole it was a really exciting and nail biting read. Beautifully put into words this is a retelling of macbeth in one of the most extraordinary and beautiful ways. I sure did enjoy this book and was honestly surprised because I normally never enjoy horror but this was truly thrilling and there were so many moments where I was just so startled. There were cliff hangers and such unexpected turns in the book, it blew my mind.

Halfway through the book, I was totally engrossed and a part of the book itself. I couldn’t put the book down! It was truly one of those few different books that you don’t see nowadays because of all the old cliches and classics! 

So if your ever looking for something new and thrilling do read this book, it’s a pretty easy and quick read once you read a few pages! 

Review: A dog’s purpose 

NAME: A dog’s purpose 

AUTHOR: W. Bruce Cameron

GENRE: YA, fiction, contemporary 

RATING: 4/5 

THE MOST ADORABLE BOOK I’VE EVER READ. Loved it. And now i have new respect and understanding and love for dogs. Cause well, “every dog happens for a reason”.

Very sweet and funny book. Enjoyed this a lot even though before reading it I was in a slump, so it definitely is a good book to get over a book or to come out of your slump. Beautiful, beautiful book. Do read it. The book was almost magical. You get to see everything through a dog’s point of view. 

Dogs are honestly the best. And definitely are man’s best friends. This book was a good mix of love, humour and also sadness. It did break my heart but I loved it! Read this guyssss, its truly amazing. A huge thanks to the publishers for sending me a review copy.

Review: PERFECT 

NAME: Perfect 

AUTHOR: Cecelia Ahern

GENRE: Dystopian, fiction, YA


“Life is not meant to be perfect”

Perfect, this was one of the most anticipated releases of 2017 for me and it did not Disappoint! I loved it. 

Every single sentence, every quote was so meaningful, ahh it was just so…PERFECT! Cecelia Ahern is one of my favourite authors and that is after I read ‘Flawed’. I absolutely loved flawed and i was so excited when I got Perfect. It was just so amazing.

The story was intriguing to the very core. An epitome of brilliance. It was without a doubt one of the best books I have EVER READ. The protagonist Celestine North, was  the very symbol of bravery and an idol to everyone. She is by far one of my favourite female protagonists! I loved her character so much. She risked EVERYTHING for the falwed people. She showed extreme strength after all she went through. 

Every character was well developed. Each incident in the book was well written and it not just was a very enthralling and good book, but it was something much more, it tells us so much. So many messages have been given to the world through this book. 

People do make mistakes. But they learn from them. Nobody is perfect. We are all flawed. 

This message was the very core of this duology! And I cannot agree more.

A very well thought of book, that I cherished with my whole heart. One, that I will never forget and one that will last forever. 

The ending gave me all the feels, I was contented and happy and it was just very satisfying. One of the best endings ever! 

Please do read this book, I promise you will love it. I did and I would definitely reread this book sometime. It was beautiful. I owe a huge, huge thanks to Harper Collins India for a review copy of this book!  

Update time!

Its vacations, but I’m horribly busy and trying to make the most of my time….trying my best!

Here’s what I’ve been upto:

1. TV/Movies

I binge watched season 3 of Gossip girl and season 1 and 2 of Suits and the entire season 1 of 13 reasons why and Stranger Things.

Yess i watches a lot of netflix! I watched seeveral chick flicks and famous movies like:

The sisterhood of the tarvelling pants part  1 and 2

27 dresses

Letters to Juliet

Guardians of the galaxy 

Rewatched Mean girls 1 and 2 and sooo many more ahhh

So on this part it was definitely a success!

2. Music 

Listened to music sooo muchhhhh!!! Caught up with all the new songs and listened to my fav artists!

Here’s how my playlist looks rn!

3. Reading 

Ahh veryyyy disappointed here! I barely read anythung but I’m currently trying to catch uppp!! I’ve read 2 books so far this month, need to make it atleast 3!

Currently loving and reading Perfect! Its awesome, will probably finish it today!

Yess, that’s it! What have you been upto this summer, let me know in the comments pls!

Review: The Sins of The Father  

NAME: The sins of the father

AUTHOR: Jeffery Archer

GENRE: Thriller, fiction 


This is the second book in the Clifton Chronicles! I loved the first book and it ended in this huge clifd hanger so I was way more than just excited to read the second part.

And yes, it was good! I really liked the development of the characters and the plot. Ot had advanced in a huge way from the first book. The second world war was jist about to begin an there harry was, with a new identity, so many possibilities and so many questions, all that were answered in this amazing sequel! Jeffery Archer is one of the greatest authors, and The Clifton Chronicles has made me love his writing! The book was flawless and yes, very intriguing. 

All those cliff hangers, “ah” moments and those sharp intakes of breath! Wow, I loved this book. A perfrct portrayal of the lives of the people during the war. The loss, grief and sadness they felt for their loved ones knew no bounds. Those heroes, who selflessly died for their country!

This book showed huge amounts of emotion and so, so much of loss and love, it was beautiful in its very own way.

The ending was incomplete and that is one thing that jeffery archer always succeeds in doing, keeping his readers at the very edge of their seat and always leave them wanting and praying for the next book to just miraculously appear!

I think and believe that this book was exquisite and has surpassed ny expectations. A book that should be read by everybody! I urge you all to go read this beautiful book.

A huge, huge thanks to pan macmillan India for a review copy of this wonderful book.