What you can do during the Quarantine.

I am not gonna lie, I have successfully almost wasted the entire week. Procrastinating, wasting time, SPENDING HOURS scrolling through Instagram for no apparent reason, and looking at memes of-course(haha, this might not be that big a waste after all) Mind you, I HAVE A TONNE OF WORK PILING UP. But here I am trying to share tips on how to conquer this quarantine, the irony, WOW. But hey, I started blogging again so like…its not all that bad.


  1. If like me you have studies to catch up on and you just cant bring yourself to do it, its okay. CHILLLL. Take a deep breath, wake up, have some breakfast, listen to some music and then try getting started on your work. PRO-TIP: Turn off your phone before working, its MUCHHHH NEEDED. But yeah, just take it one day at a time, set small goals for yourself each day and try achieving them on time, that’s all you can do tbh and just TRY YOUR BEST. Most of us have extreme anxiety during such times and its completely understandable so just chill and take it slow.
  2. Okay, now if you truly are bored and have nothing to do, try making art. Paint something, cook something, make spotify playlists that have major bops in them and just try to get creative. Learn to play an instrument(I am trying to play the guitar but its hard to do that with long nails…still trying to figure out that one lol)
  3. NOWWW….everyone’s favourite part…binge hahaha. It is definitely what most of us have been doing this quarantine and I’m not even going to feel bad abut it because…COME ON. Anyway here are a few shows you can binge:

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

The Office

Brooklyn nine nine

The Big bang Theory


Gilmore Girls


Modern family

4. If you need more recommendations you can always do a poll on your Instagram stories lol. Anyway now to the movies…If you dont want to waste as much time binging shows you can definitely watch movies…here are a few:

Parasite(IT IS SO GOOOOOOD OMG, 100% reccommend it)

Wolf of Wall Street

2 weeks notice


Dirty Dancing

She’s Funny that Way

Call me by your name(AMAZINGGGGGGG movie, pls pls watch, also i am HIGHKEY obsessed with Timothee Chalamet rn help)

Yes, I do realise that these movies are super random and all are of different genres but lol thats just who I am now.

5. You can also totally shoot music videos/record yourself singing if thats something you do! I tried and it went horribly ūüė¶

Anyway, these are a few things you can try doing. If yall have any ideas please leave a comment below because I’d really like something to do too! Stay healthy, stay positive. We will get through this soon.

“Hi” from Quarantine

Hi guys, its been almost a week since I left my house. The Government announced a 21 day lock down that began today. Its been one day, 20 more to go.

I was enraged if not extremely annoyed at this news. At first it was decided that we must all quarantine/practice social distancing till the 31st of March. This date suddenly extended my so much, OH I WAS NOT HAPPY. But now I realise how childish, ignorant and completely unreasonable I was being. THIS LOCKDOWN IS NEEDED to contain the spread of COVID 19. There is no other way to combat this deadly virus. As much as I hate the thought of being locked down i my house 24/7 for a total of 3 weeks I understand why this measure is being taken and I want others like me to understand too. People here are still not understanding the gravity of the issue. Up till yesterday there were still plenty people roaming around and “meeting their friends” mind you “in their houses” so that somehow made it okay?! The major thing about social distancing is that you DO NOT INTERACT WITH ANYONE PHYSICALLY unless you are isolating with them. A huge amount of people seem to not understand this and continue meeting their friends. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE and not to mention highly stupid.

2020 has been QUITE A YEAR and the only way we can fight this virus and move on is this essential period of lock down which is HIGHLY NECESSARY. I am proud of the Indian government to have taken this step. I hope that at least now people understand the magnitude of this issue and play their part in BREAKING THE CHAIN and FLATTENING THE CURVE.

I hope you all are fit and okay wherever you are. I hope you are doing fine both physically and mentally during these trying times. Check up on your friends, call them, video call them. This is all we will be able to do for a while but you have to understand, its in the best interest of everybody.

2020 (I get v sappy and optimistic in this one)

Hi everyone, so I know that I’m kinda super late BUT HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope that this year you are kinder to others but most importantly kinder to yourself.

My moto for 2020 is literally “OPTIMISM” So I’m a very pessimistic person and 2019 was HARD. It was a pretty shitty year for me and it tested my mental health and my patience and it literally broke me. But moving forward I’ve decided to make 2020 a happy and a stress-free year. Ha. Ha. “Stress free” impossible but yeah I’m going to definitely TRY my best to make this year COUNT. I decided that I will cope with stress in healthy ways and not stress for no reason(this was me THROUGHOUT 2019) So, yeah.

I hope that this year, you achieve what you aim for and MORE. I hope that I can tick off some stuff from my bucket list and travel more(I just went to Dubai) and definitely try being a happier and healthier person this year. Mental health especially. NOTHING, I REPEAT, NOTHING is the end of the world. You will make it. You WILL pass that test, you will get that degree, you will do those 50 pushups…some day. Maybe not today, not tomorrow, not in a month but someday…this is what is important to remember. We have to look AT THE BIG PICTURE. Sure, life is hard, it’s tough, stuff doesnt go according to your will, but you know what? Its fineeee, it’ll be alright. YOU WILL BE ALRIGHT.

Okay, now that’s enough POSITIVITY! Anyway, go out there! Get that shit done and make 2020 an amazing year. I love you. More power to you. And listen, only YOU can make YOU happy. So be there for yourself, be kinder to yourself, and love your self FEARLESSLY.

Scrolling through Instagram

Instagram is my favourite social networking site. It’s fun to use, great UI, easy to use, it has DARK MODE NOWW! Need I say more? But recently scrolling through instagram doesn’t make me happy anymore. It makes me feel sad, angry and that life is unfair.

Here’s a rundown:

I follow many influencers and youtubers on instagram or *I USED TO* until recently when looking at their posts, their vlogs, their photos, travel photos, them attending fancy events, it made me feel envious; for some weird reason and didn’t make me feel happy or give positive vibes. It made me feel like “oh wow, i wish my life was like that”. That was when I realised that I need to social media *detox*. Is it working? Who knows, I ve unfollowed a ton of influencers, youtubers but I still do follow a few, those who I really look up to or those whose content is amazing. The point being, at some point in our lives we all feel or think this way. We all believe that people showcase their entire lives on instagram and we envy them and wish that our life was like theirs, its very normal but its not a healthy feeling AT ALL.

Its important to focus on you, your life, who you are and try bettering yourself without comparisons with pop stars or influencers or just anyone and their lives with yours. Noone gets a fabulous life just like that, every single person has worked very hard to create the life they want for themselves. And it is time we all realise this. Sure their pictures are perfect and they’re vacationing in Paris, but do you know how hard they’ve worked to get there? No. Don’t assume things, especially on social media. Youtubers, influencers may look like their lives are perfect but in reality, everyone has their own problems that they’re battling every day and working extremely hard to create the life they want for themselves. So next time you scroll through insta and see a picture perfect dream holiday destination in Maldives or Mauritius, remember, everyone has to work hard to get there and one day, SOME DAY you also will get there. Its the question of when and not if.¬† And for some reason even if you don’t, learn to be content with yourself, what you have and be grateful for the little things in life.

Focus on yourself, discover yourself, strive hard, work towards your goals, dream big, work hard, do your research, spread positivity and positive things will follow you! I think its apt to use #createdonthate ūüôā

My take on Romcoms *tinged with a speck of cynicism*

Hi guysss! been a while since my last post, which I believe was a poem. Anyway over the past many days I was busy studying and also pondering very frequently about how rom coms and pop culture has influenced us and our daily habits, our thoughts surrounding love and romance.

Pop culture is great, I do enjoy it, A LOT. I mean I do belong to gen Z so… But here’s my problem with pop culture and social media. Why do people pretend to be someone they are not. I mean, I just don’t get it. This sounds so cliche but… So I was thinking about this and re watching some of my favourite “rom coms” code for teenage netflix high school romance movies. You may have heard of this movie- To all the boys I’ve loved before.

Anyway, i loveee this movie. Is it far fetched? Hell yes. Unreal? Yes indeed. Never gonna happen irl? definitely not. But I still love watching it and hoping that maybe someday, even I will find my Peter Kavinsky. Its a far fetched idea indeed but this is what rom coms do to us. They give us hope, false as it may be, it is hope indeed. But deep down I am a cynic and I DO KNOW THAT THIS WILL NEVER EVER HAPPEN, I mean come on, your sister mails the letters you wrote to your crushes and then you and your ex crush fake date and fall in love? COME ON NETFLIX! STOP MAKING YOUR MOVIES SO UNREAL BUT AT THE SAME TIME SO FRIGGIN CUTE.

Image result for to all the boys i loved before gif

I literally cant stop making heart eyes at Peter Kavinsky and Lara Jean, dammit netflix. So much for realistic. Anyway, not just to all the boys but also older romantic comedies make love look so easy, so doable, but in a much more real sense, its difficult and the things that happen in movies will probably never ever happen to you.

Image result for to all the boys i loved before gif

Rom coms sugarcoat EVERYTHING. “play hard to get”, it makes you seem interesting, well no. It REALLY DOES NOT. Oh a boy/ girl you like is very mean to you? No worries!!! It means they are probably in love with you. “Guys are mean to the girls they like” I mean WOWWWWW. This is wrong on so many levels. Pop culture is teaching boys to be mean and girls to go after boys that disrespect/are mean to them, I mean do you see the problem here! Gosh, this is tiring.

Also my absolute favourite- Bad boy turns good premise of rom coms is over used, would be an understatement. But the truth is if he’s a bad boy it probably means that he’ll be who he is and is not code for “go after him, he will change when he meets the right girl” OH NO. That is so NOT IT.

I do realise that this post is turning into somewhat of an aggressive rant but we’re already here now s… What I am trying to say without sounding as cynical as i feel is, GET OVER IT. Is a romcom your favourite movie? well, good for you, watch it, laugh, cry but do not hope that it happens to you, do not expect it to happen, just know that it is fiction for a reason.¬† You should remember that that is all it is, A MOVIE.

I am not saying that stop watching these movies cause well what will I do in my free time then lol, but just know that not everything in the movies come true and some things are just plain ridiculous and you ought to see right through them. Pls let me know your thoughts in the comment section, I would loveee to know.


The Climate Crisis.

Its too late now. Far too late. To those who said that climate change was a “hoax” I hope you believe that when you die, along with the earth. I hope you believe that when you dont see trees anymore, no greenary, no life. Rubble and plastic. CLIMATE CHANGE IS VERY REAL AND IT IS HAPPENING FASTER THAN EVER. Or it isnt. Maybe we were too busy thinking it was a “hoax” to notice it all this while. Dear humans, take action. Now. Wake up. Close that tap, switch off those lights. RECYCLE.

Do it before its FAR too late. It probably already is but dosest hurt saving nature does it? Move. Plant some trees, walk more often. Stop using plastic.

Climate change is here to stay. Who knows how long we and the earth have to live. Who knows when devastation will strike. I hope we can try saving the earth before that happens. I hope we can do something. Anything.


They say that you should be strong;

They say you need to move along;

They say keep your head high;

They say dont think back;

They say dont cry;

They say it’ll be alright;

It may;

Or it may not;

But you dont need to hear what they say;


Take your time;

Drown yourself in tears;

Express your pain;

Its the only way you’ll be alright again.


Specs of dust.

That is what we are.

In this cosmos

That lives forever

We are tiny, insignificant

Nothing but a small droplet in this ocean

Exceptionally minute,

Forgotten in a moment,

That is what we are,


Fiction or Non-fiction?

I’ve always been a “fiction” kinda girl. But recently I’ve been drawn to some non-fic books too. Mostly self help books, books about economics, feminist books. I believe that sometimes everyone should step out of their comfort zones and try new things and that is exactly why I read non-fiction. Its empowering. It feels so good to read important books. They tell you and teach you so much about yourself, about so many things in the world and sometimes it’s good to take a break from fiction. To come back to the real world. That sounds so depressing, believe me, I know. But you know what? Try it. It’ll be fine. You’ll feel nice.


Sun rays streamed through my window

The white of my sheets looked gold

My eyes fluttered open

The morning wind blew

They say mornings are beautiful

But I never believed them

Until I experienced it

The cool breeze, light sun rays, the serenity

The peace

The calm, like I had never felt before

The hope

Of a new day

The morning does something to me

It makes me believe

It gives me hope

It makes me feel alive.