The Climate Crisis.

Its too late now. Far too late. To those who said that climate change was a “hoax” I hope you believe that when you die, along with the earth. I hope you believe that when you dont see trees anymore, no greenary, no life. Rubble and plastic. CLIMATE CHANGE IS VERY REAL AND IT IS HAPPENING FASTER THAN EVER. Or it isnt. Maybe we were too busy thinking it was a “hoax” to notice it all this while. Dear humans, take action. Now. Wake up. Close that tap, switch off those lights. RECYCLE.

Do it before its FAR too late. It probably already is but dosest hurt saving nature does it? Move. Plant some trees, walk more often. Stop using plastic.

Climate change is here to stay. Who knows how long we and the earth have to live. Who knows when devastation will strike. I hope we can try saving the earth before that happens. I hope we can do something. Anything.


They say that you should be strong;

They say you need to move along;

They say keep your head high;

They say dont think back;

They say dont cry;

They say it’ll be alright;

It may;

Or it may not;

But you dont need to hear what they say;


Take your time;

Drown yourself in tears;

Express your pain;

Its the only way you’ll be alright again.


Specs of dust.

That is what we are.

In this cosmos

That lives forever

We are tiny, insignificant

Nothing but a small droplet in this ocean

Exceptionally minute,

Forgotten in a moment,

That is what we are,


Fiction or Non-fiction?

I’ve always been a “fiction” kinda girl. But recently I’ve been drawn to some non-fic books too. Mostly self help books, books about economics, feminist books. I believe that sometimes everyone should step out of their comfort zones and try new things and that is exactly why I read non-fiction. Its empowering. It feels so good to read important books. They tell you and teach you so much about yourself, about so many things in the world and sometimes it’s good to take a break from fiction. To come back to the real world. That sounds so depressing, believe me, I know. But you know what? Try it. It’ll be fine. You’ll feel nice.


Sun rays streamed through my window

The white of my sheets looked gold

My eyes fluttered open

The morning wind blew

They say mornings are beautiful

But I never believed them

Until I experienced it

The cool breeze, light sun rays, the serenity

The peace

The calm, like I had never felt before

The hope

Of a new day

The morning does something to me

It makes me believe

It gives me hope

It makes me feel alive.

A letter to my future self.

Hi there! I hope you are happy. I hope you’re smiling as you’re reading this and you’re finally hopeful of things in life. I hope you’ve been travelling. I know that you’ve always wanted to.

It’s me. Me who? Its me, you. Im from the past. Things aren’t going very well for us right now. But its okay. “This too shall pass”. I mean I hope it does. Please love yourself. Be kinder to yourself. I’ve been trying but its hard. I really hope its gotten easier with time though. I really do.

We may get mad at ourseleves sometimes. Haha, “sometimes” but you have to get past this. You have to grow. I hope you’re now the best version of yourself. Right now, I am sitting on the chair in our Donald Duck themed room and I am writing this letter to you, to me. From the bottom of my heart. Today, we successfully tuned a guitar but then the guitar snapped because it was of terrible quality. I hope that in the future you’re a rad guitarist. And hopefully in a band maybe(?)

Do not let your old friends go. Please text them, talk to them. Just, stay in touch. You know they love you and so do you. I hope you’re still bffs with some specific people (I am sure you know who all I mean) It’s been tough to accept my flaws right now. But hey, I hope you’re happy with yourself just the way you are. Hopefully you’re super successful.

Its going to be okay, things are going to get better. Remember this if you’re ever sad. And if you’re happy. Well, then I am glad. I’m glad that you could finally be happy.

Lots of love,

Your 16 year old self 😉


Look up at the sky

Enjoy the blue

The red, the purple

Look beyond.

Leave back the sadness

Leave back the hurt, melancholy

Because today is not yesterday

Today is new

Its here to stay.

Begin anew

Begin afresh

Let the rest be forgotten.

Move on

Carry on

Let the past be what it is, in the past.

Look forward

Keep your head high

Its a new day

A new journey

And its yours to enjoy

Do it, do it now.

Its already 2019

Time flies

Last time I remember

I was thirteen.

What is the point

What is the purpose

Of this life

If we spend it doing nothing

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Im not happy now

But I’m trying.

You may die today

Or tomorrow

Or this very second;

You’ll be forgotten

Lost in oblivion.

Open your eyes

Spread your wings

Get that haircut and buy that ring

Go do something crazy

Before its too late

Stay alive

Because you will be dead SOMEDAY

Colour your hair that crazy shade of purple

Tell that special someone how you really feel

Go skydiving

Explore Europe

Because one day you wont be able to

So just do it,

Do it now.

I am sad.

I wish I could be happy,

Maybe one day I will be

But today is not that day,

Is what I need to accept.

Rainbows make me smile

Icecream makes me happy

But not today,

Today I feel like death.

This feeling makes me wonder

How come I still breathe,

If it were up to me,

I’d be dead.

Life is sad;

Still, I try,

But is it worth my while?

This pain, anguish, suffering

What is even the point?

We are all going to die.


“Happy”. Do you believe that you are happy? This question is so complex on so many levels. We all each have our own definitions of happiness. What exactly is it that you “need” to be happy? What is the secret to happiness? Is money happiness? How to “not be sad”?

Well, I recently discovered just how important it is to be happy. How important it is to feel happy, to feel loved, liked and get rid of negative thoughts and emotions. Happiness is being able to laugh without thinking about something negative. But here’s the deal, being happy is HARD. It’s difficult. Not everyone can be happy all the time even if they want to. Nobody can always be happy even if they try. Being sad is okay. It’s fine to cry, to feel that life is pointless and it is ABSOLUTELY okay to feel depressed and anxious and detached. I’ve been there. It’s a horrible, horrible feeling and you just wish that you were happy but here’s the thing, happiness isn’t ALWAYS a choice even if you believe that it is.

There are some days when you just don’t feel like doing anything and that is absolutely normal. Life is difficult. Getting through life is super difficult. But its up to you how you choose to live it. But always remember, allow yourself to feel, to be vulnerable, to be sad. I wont say that it’s going to be okay because it may not. BUT YOU WILL BE OKAY. You will come out stronger, victorious, hopeful and happier. With time, you will grow, the sadness wont hurt THAT much anymore. Happiness is all about how YOU choose to perceive it.

I am here to say that we’ve all been there, in that hole of sadness, rejection, hate, anxiety, fear. Being happy is important, but its difficult. Trying is more important and if that’s all you can do right now, its okay. The universe understands. I understand. You will be okay. You will be happy someday and that I am sure of.